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Vodacom Blue Bulls player Mornè Steyn has been suspended for one week of rugby after being found guilty by a SARU Judicial Officer on Tuesday.

Steyn was cited for allegedly breaching law, 10.4 (a), which deals with the striking of an opponent with, for instance the arm, following the Vodacom Blue Bulls’ semi-final clash against The Sharks in Durban on Saturday.

Judicial Officer Louis Booyse suspended Steyn from all forms of rugby until 28 October 2012.

Vodacom Blue Bulls player Mornè Mellett was cited for tripping Sharks flyhalf Patrick Lambie, contrary to law 10.4 (d) in the 29th minute of the same match. Booyse found that the yellow card issued was sufficient punishment under the circumstances.

40 Responses to Morné guilty, Morné not guilty

  • 1

    Does this mean that whilst Morne Steyn is on leave he can’t play touch either? Rough justice, I feel!!!!!!!

  • 2

    Effectively NO sanction at all…. hahahaha

  • 3

    Well, actually the heading is a bit misleading… both were found giulty, but only one of the 2 received further sanction.

  • 4

    Well like I said on the CC thread. When a player picks up a ban it should be a match ban, a week ban means nothing at all. Serves not purpose. If a player was to receive a one or two or three match ban he would be punished. There he would feel it. A week ban when there is no rugby is just means nothing really.

    Remember TJ from Reunion saying a similar thing when Greyling picked up a two week ban. He said it meant nothing as at the time we headed back home had a week rest. He too said it had to change to match ban that way it works.

    Anyhow I personally don’t think Morne really has this kinda foul play in him, think it all came out of frustration. Was crazy to do it right on the 80min mark too. My feeling is Morne needs a long break off from rugby to come back mentally more focused for next years SR. Has played almost non stop rugby.

  • 5

    4 @ Puma:
    We all know what you were after… a 3 Match Ban…. so that Morné Steyn would not go on the End Of Year Tour!

    If you had it your way Elton Jantjies would have been cited too and banned for 3 matches… just to make sure Lambie get’s first bite at the cherry for the End Of Year Tour.

    Eish, you Tjarks, can’t take you anywhere, not even to a dog show! You might win 1st Prize for dog and owner look-alike!

  • 6

    Strange… a very large amount of readers from Cape Town today…..

    Spies, all of them spies and bloody agents!


  • 7

    5 @ grootblousmile:
    No man, you talking kak now. Dammit must we think before we type in case whoever picks up whay we typed wrong?

    I really did mean a match ban, give it 1 or 10 match bans. That is what should happen. A week ban when there is no rugby is just daft. It means nothing at all.

    If you think Morne won’t be on the eoyt then you not thinking right. I know he will be and he will start at 10. Remember this is Meyer as the coach and he will have Lambie warming the bench. Eish, boet you are wrong there. I want to see Lambie start, but only if he is chosen and because some player is banned for 3 matches. That is not the way I would like this youngster to eventually get a starting place at fh. He deserved to start there two years back already boet. Let us see what happens. I think Meyer will have him on the bench. He has his favourites and whether player is better than the favourite he don’t seem to care. It is who he wants to play. That is the way I see it. And that is not good for our Boks. Pick the best always.

  • 8

    whay = what

  • 9

    @ grootblousmile:
    Waarmee doen jy jou ip geo lookups? Geoip, maxmind?

  • 10

    @ grootblousmile:would that be spies as in agents, or Spies’ agent?

  • 11

    5 @ grootblousmile:
    What has Elton got to do with anything? Jeez you make up thing in your head hey???? 😛

    Anyhow not that interested in Bok rugby right now. More interested in the Currie Cup final on Saturday. To be honest I have been so very disappointed in our Boks playing this year that I can’t wait for Super Rugby to start. Boks have let us down badly.

  • 12

    6 @ grootblousmile:
    hahaha. I think they looking where us Sharkies have gone too….haha.

    Okay out of here now. Catch up tomorrow.

  • 13

    9 @ leon:
    GeoLite City Data by MaxMind and also

  • 14

    @ grootblousmile:
    Thanks, ek gebruik ook maxmind se lite version maar vind dat dit baie addresse in europa mis. Maar dis seker hoekom die commercial version daar is.

  • 15

    14 @ leon:
    Ja, ag wat, dis mos maar meer om ‘n gawe aanduiding te kry van wat die demografie van jou leserskorps is.

    Hier is ‘n fototjie van die laaste klompie dae se breakdown, getipeer as ‘n foto.

    Nogal ‘n wye leserskorps!

    Site Demographics 2012-10-23

  • 16

    Baie interesant. Hoekom so baie van usa? Is dit search engine crawlers? En so baie uit nz? Wat is die rooi en blou?

  • 17

    @ grootblousmile:

    So, what are the blue lights indicating?

  • 18

    Hello Blue Bird long time no ‘speak’ hope you’re doing well.The blue lights show where the folk who are viewing the site from are the police Happy

  • 19

    Censored Whistling Eish this place is as dead as a straight sex orgy in Cape Town

  • 20

    4 @ Puma:
    Hi ya Puma without going into the merits of the two citings, would say that I agree with you once a ban is handed out it is daft for it to be over a time when that player is not going to play anyway, as you say it should be for a set amount of matches, in fact I would go further as I have said before that the player must serve the ban at least at the level he played in when he/or she got the ban from, so if its in an International match then that player must miss the next international match they would be playing in. Note the game they would be playing in, so ie. if they picked up an injury and would not be playing in their country’s next match then the ban should hold over until they are injury free and if not for the ban would have been chosen.

  • 21

    @ Bullscot:

    Word Wakker whiskey suiper in n Kilt rokkie 😆

  • 22

    @ Bullscot:

    Puma is 100% correct, Take HiggenBottom, how will his suspention affect him? I mean he is done playing for a 3 weeke period anyhows, and he deserved a big suspention.

  • 23

    In other words what you are saying is Justice must only be done, it must also be seen to be done!

    Agree with that principle, if used for the right reasons….

  • 24

    @ grootblousmile:

    Correct Rudi, And trust me My opinion has nothing to do with Morne, In my view he should not even have been sighted.

    zfor me it’s about the way the Suspentions are done?/ it truelly is meaningless. yes during the season it works,but like now????

  • 25

    The thing here for me is again the consistancy of these citings, Just kinda crazy

  • 26

    @ Bullscot:
    Hi Bullscot,
    All good with me, no complaints…I never seem to hit the right moment here. I post then get distracted…..!! lol

    Whats new here?

  • 27

    26 @ Blue Bird:
    Good stuf Blue Bird, whats new here well for starter’s sadly us Blue Bulls will not be competing in the final on Saturday but at least both our junior teams play in theirs. Been in here for a bit this morning and Gbs starting posting some music for us, seems like it continued through the day as the requests flowed in GBS being our very own resident RT deejay Wink

  • 28

    @ Bullscot:
    Real shame The Bulls are so out of form this season, they have some work to do before the super 15 starts again!

    I missed the music selections….bet GBS played ‘De la Rey’ and Pink Floyd….. I will go and look! 🙂

  • 29

    Tears OK I take it back, no De la Rey!!

  • 30

    28 @ Blue Bird:
    Yes its a pity but we are in a rebuilding process so we must just be patient as fans, lets not forget we qualified for the knockout stages of Super 15 this which I think was above many folks expectations, in spite of all the disruptions we faced.
    Gosh GBS must be very predictable then cause you are spot on with one of them – he did ‘play’ Pink Floyd, not sure aboute De la Rey but haven’t looked through them all Happy

  • 31

    Blue Bird are you going to watch any of the autumn internationals this year?

  • 32

    29 @ Blue Bird:
    Ha you beat me to it with my reply, so is this De La Rey one of Gbs’s favourites then?

  • 33

    21 @ Sharks_forever:
    No man been up all day sharkie its almost time to go to bed over here, whiskey urghh don’t like it or shall I say haven’t acquired a taste for it yet Thinking

  • 34

    @ Bullscot:
    GBS has a vast music collection, but I know Pink Floyd are right up there….

    Pommie Music you see….. !! Can’t beat it. Actually don’t think De la Rey is on his playlist!!

    As for rugby we have tickets for Wales v NZ and Wales v Aus. I think I will just go to the Aus game this time.

    Nice to chat, gotta go, hope to catch you during a game soon.

  • 35

    34 @ Blue Bird:
    Thats brilliant for you, you must try get to both games as you already have tickets for them, I’ve yet to watch the All Blacks but hope to catch them one day. They are playing Scotland this year but as I’m going to the games against the Boks and Tonga its a bit much to get 3 weekends in a row off for the rugby.

  • 36

    Wow its almost full time at the Nou Camp and Celtic are holding the mighty Barcalona to a 1-1 score at the moment, come on!

  • 37

    As I was typing previous comment David Villa had a strike which hit the bottom of the post and DIDN’T go in. Afraid

  • 38

    Shaktar Donetsk beat Chelsea 2-1 and jammy Manchester United came from behind against Braga to win 3-2

  • 39

    OH NO! Jordi Alba scores for Barcelona with very little time left, oh dear poor Celtic

  • 40

    Heart breaking stuff for Celtic, Barcelona got their winner 3 minutes into injury time, Celtic would have been thrilled with a draw, final score Barca 2- 1 Celtic Cry


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