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Vrydag 2 November 2012 om 11:00 vir 11:30 het JY die geleenthied om te gaan na die Blou Bul Makietie.

Ek gaan daar wees, my tafel is bespreek, en ek is seker ander getroue Bloubul ondersteuners daar buite wil van die geleentheid gebruik maak om die dag saam met ons te geniet.

Hierdie geleentheid vind plaas te Pretoria en wel by die NUWE Parkview Barnyard, Parkview Winkelsentrum, Woodhill en word gehou ten bate van ons legendes van weleer, in samehang met die Loftus 200 Klub.

U het die unieke geleentheid om te kies van ‘n lang en roemryke lys van legendariese Bloubul spelers om aan te sluit by u tafel en om uitspattig te wees.

Persoonlik dink ek daaraan om Oeloff de Meyer, oud Bloubul heelagter and charismatiese Pretoria Prokureur, te vra om aan te sluit by my tafel. Die lys name is lank en die keuse van welke oud speler om aan te sluit is ‘n moeilike ene om te maak!

Hierna volg al die inligting en informasie, kliek eenvoudig net of die brosjure, dit sal jou reguit na jou E-Pos program neem, stuur dan ‘n E-Pos en bespreek jou plek, of skakel gerus vir Juanita da Matta op die nommer wat op die brosjure verskyn… en noem gerus dat Rugby-Talk u verwys het!






































(Die advertensie kan ook gesien word op die regterkantste kantlynspasie, vir toekomstige verwysing)

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    2 @ Loosehead:
    You want the Article in English or the Interview with Heyneke in English?

    We have so few Afrikaans Articles here on Rugby-Talk, that I thought seeing as the brochure is in Afrikaans, I would do the whole Article in Afrikaans as well… for a pleasant change.

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    Amazed @ Loosehead:

    Trust me, it is truly hillarious!!

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    Goeie more, klink vir my dit gaan ‘n lekker paartyjie wees, ek weet ek is lankal nie meer daar nie en dit noem dat die plek in Pretoria oos is maar waar presies in die land is hierdie Houd Heuwel (Woodhill) is dit ‘n nuwe buurt anderkant Faerie Glen?

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    5 @ BullscotBok:
    Woodhill is just East of Garsfontein… to the East of that you already now get Mooikloof, then Mooikloof Heights (204 hectares of it – about a 3rd of the development, previously known as the farm Rietfontein, was sold by my late dad and his wife to the developers about 5 to 8 years ago, time flies so quickly), then I believe there is one more development…. very close already to Tygerpoort.

    Development is so far East already, from Mooikloof (or at least from Mooikloof Heights) it is part of Brokhorstspruit Municipal area… and the rates and taxex goes to that Municipal Council.

    Brother, you should see the new Shopping Centres on the Eastern side of Pretoria….. phweeeeeeeew!

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    6 @ grootblousmile:
    Interesting there thanks man, didn’t know you come from farming background, its amazing to see these cities expand and what was once farmland get turned into urban areas. Pretoria must have expanded beyond recognition then if one of its suburbs is part of Bronkhorstspuit area.
    Even more shopping centres gosh, when I left Menlyn had not long been done up, I think a drive in put in on top is it still there and Brooklyn was well established and one of the better ones. Will have to go and have look then ou pel.

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    7 @ BullscotBok:
    I’m a “Stadsjapie” through and through… but come from farming stock.

    The Geldenhuys clan that I belong to all farm or farmed near Kroonstad in the Free State (between Kroonstad and Viljoenskroon around a hill called Renosterkop, and around Heuningspruit), so did my dad before moving to Pretoria in 1963… after which I was born in 1964.

    Here’s a few interesting facts about the Eastern side of Pretoria…

    This particular ex-farm called Rietfontein on the outskirts of the Eastern part of Pretoria, which I mentioned and you alluded to, used to belong amongst many others to one of the rich property barons of Pretoria’s past. You might remember the “Spookhuis” or “Erasmus Kasteel” near the N1 Highway (right next to where Armscor’s massive Glass Office Complex [nicnamed Armscor Sun] is situated)… that was the first house in Pretoria to sport a lift and was built and belonged to General Elardus Erasmus – one of the boer generals of the Anglo Boer war.

    That is where the names of some of the Eastern suburbs stem from… the Suburbs called Erasmusrand, Elarduspark… ect

    Genl Erasmus virtually owned the Eastern side of Pretoria. His neighbour was the very, very well known General Jan Smuts, former SA Premier and part of Brittain’s War Cabinet in WW II, who virtually owned the Southern side of Pretoria, including Irene and around Rietvlei dam and all the way to where the whole Centurion is now situated.

    Anyway, I’m getting off topic here…

    My late dad’s wife was from Opperman stock, who on their part was from Erasmus stock, therefore deeply tuned into the Erasmus property baron’s properties on the Eastern side of Pretoria.

    I know the Eastern side of Pretoria intimately, was raised there, grew up in Lynnwood, went to Laerskool Lynnwood and to Hoërskool Menlopark… then to Tukkies. I love Pretoria dearly, wonderful city in South Africa.

    When I was small, Menlyn and surrounds was farmland and mielie fields and cattle grazing area… I saw it grow and develop, I played in the veld there… bicycle, kettie, pyl-en-boog, kleilat…

    Lynnwood and Lynnwood Manor was basically the outskirts of town before farm areas started.

    If you think logically, Pretoria is only able to really expand to the East, because on the Northern border there was the Magaliesberg, the West was shitty, industrial and poor areas, the South was military central and Verwoerdburg (now Centurion) was the stop block on the South…. so East was IT… it was the affluent part of Pretoria, there was enough space to develop to the East, it was logical to develop that way.

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    9 @ grootblousmile:
    Thats an impressive historical recollection sounds like your fore fathers were big landowners around Pretoria. I remember the Spookhuis, can’t recall going right close up to it but used to pass it many a time when I would take the offramp from the highway just around the Armskor building onto the Delmas road when I used to head out to visit on the Mpumalanga highveld, if I’m not mistaken not far from there you would turn left at an intersection and head into Pierre van Ryneveld suburb. I think there was a nice game reserve around the Rietvlei dam so it would be a pity if that has become developed on. I would have though there would have been a lot of space to develop on out northwest of the city towards Garankuwa, surely all the development that has taken place has not only been about affluent neighbourhoods.
    One thing I remember though about Pretoria, and I guess much of the rest of SA, is how quickly things changed and places get built and new roads set up, can recall such big changes between the time I left and what I saw when I visited just 3 years later, in a way felt like quite a stranger there, it was quite weird because I had lived in the area for quite a time. I mean there was even a toll gate developed on the N1 that I would often travel up and down near the Moot to either get to the Witbank road or Lynwood and southbound to Joburg and also nort to go shopping at the Kolonade, that toll gate wasn’t there when I left.

    Sounds like you have fond memories of your childhood in Pretoria and then into ‘adulthood’ GBS, why did you leave the area?

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    9 @ Bullscot:
    12 Years ago, as a divorced oke, someone organised a blind date for me (first blind date of my life)… the girl lived in Brakpan… I’d never been to Brakpan in my life.

    Well, that girl was Handbriekie, and the rest is history.

    At the time we got married it made sense for me to move to Brakpan because I can operate my businesses from anywhere, whereas she worked in Auclandpark, Johannesburg and it was simply easier for her to get there from Brakpan compared to getting there from my House in Garsfontein, Pretoria….. so I moved to Brakkenjanpan.

    … and now I’m the official, unofficial Mayor of Brakkenjanpan…. hehehe

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    fok, di site is weer vrek! gbs is seker besig om sy vellies te skrop virrie makietie


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