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Alan Solomons, the Southern Kings Super Rugby coach, has indicated that controvertial looseforward Luke Watson will be the captain when the team makes their Super Rugby debut in 2013.

Luke Watson is the son of Cheecky Watson and is widely known for his controvertial Springbok debut and pronounciations he made about Springbok Rugby as well as for the fact that he played for Bath after leaving Western Province.

Watson currently captains the EP Kings in the Currie Cup First Division and is apparently in fine form after missing most of the season due to a shoulder operation and a quadriceps strain, having scored 8 tries in 4 matches.

Solomons said, “Luke is a player that will score plenty of tries for your team, but it’s his general play that has been very impressive. He’s been in great form since coming back from injury.”

Solomons is also of the opinion that Luke Watson could add considerable value to the National Springbok cause, due to the uncertain situation as to who exactly should make up the Springbok looseforward combination.

Solomons continued “Luke has proven he is a quality player and he can make an impact at a higher level, but it’s up to Heyneke Meyer to decide on who he wants to use in his team.”

15 Responses to Super Rugby: Luke to skipper the Southern Kings

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    Big fish in small pond, small fish in big pond… who vomits for no reason.

  • 2

    Make Solomon the SA NAtional Team coach, then he can have Puke as Captain, and when Cheeky is made SARU President, they’ll all have lots to talk about around the camp fire.


  • 3

    I think that it is fair to say that I will actively support every team that plays against The Kings in next years S15.

  • 4

    as sollomons nie die afrigter is nie,hoe kan hy se puke is die hoof clown in die clown se troop,is dit nie die kiwi clown se job nie? Of het puke gedreig met n kots sessie?

  • 5

    Faaaark me McGyver, looks like a clip from ‘Planet of the Apes’, that oke in the blue jumper.
    And Solomons must be related to Neil Jenkins, I’m sure…

    @ Loosehead:
    That makes of two of us, cannot support a team consisting of ‘white mercaneries’ only, that’s plain racist. What about all those poor, aspiring black players in the Amatola region who are being left out of ‘our first black SA rugby franchise’? Wait until Malema picks up on this!

  • 6

    @ Piet-Springbok-Jan:
    ‘white mercenaries’, I meant.
    Southern Spears becoming distinctively paler by the day, the EP ‘White’ Elephants.

  • 7

    I won’t shout FOR the Southern Kings… I will shout AT them….

  • 8

    Ever since the Queens were given their spot in the S15 we knew that Puke would be captain. I must say, I will even support the Stormers over the Queens. I will enjoy very point scored against them and will rejoice every time they lose by a record margin. I think the Bull/Reds 92-6 game will look close in comparison to some of the scores they will lose by.

  • 9

    8 @ Lion4ever:
    It was 92 / 3, not 92 / 6… get your facts straight…. hehehe

  • 11

    Goeie leier, een van die mees onderskatte spelers. Hoop die Kings doen goed volgende jaar en gooi nie SA se naam weg soos die Lions in die S15 en die Bokke tans nie.

  • 12

    @ Rugbyprof:
    Hello prof.

    Lions is Curriebeker-kampioene, en toe ek laas gekyk het was die telling iets soos 50-3 in hul wedstryd teen die Kings. So, wag maar eers tot die Kings begin Superrugby speel voordat jy so vroegoggend praat van ‘naam weggooi’.

    Kings is ons eerste politieke span, met n politieke leier en politieke kaptein onder die dekmantel van transformasie, dit het fkol met bevordering en ontwikkeling van swart rugby uit te waai.

    [Cheeky gaan aan die einde n paar rand in sy sak steek en dan apartheid en die ‘derde mag’ blameer vir die flop, Luke sal waarskynlik een of ander tyd parlement toe, en OP-rugby sal maar weer voortploeter sonder enige staatshulp oor n jaar of twee; GM, Ford, VWSA en die tradisionele OP-rugbyborge in PE sal nie naby die Kings gesien word nie, hoor my lied…..dit was nog vanaf die sewentigerjare so met die Watsons en rugby in die Baai.]

    Terloops, voor ek vergeet, ek hoop die ander spanne moer hulle vir n honderd volgende jaar!

    Lekker dag verder ou Prof.

  • 13

    I see this bunch of Political Commissars have asked for permission to recruit more overseas based players.

    What reasoning can they put forward to justify such crap?

    They’ve known they are going to be involved for as long as the Lions have known they could be kicked out.

    Did the Lions ever ask the same question to give them a better chance at being competitive, and would SARU ever had entertained such a request. NO!!!!!

    If SARU grant this request then the world will know exactly where there allegiance lies. They are supposed to be neutral in such things, but I think we all know the truth!

  • 14

    Well the good news is all other SA Franchises start the season with 10 log points.

    Not too shabby. (well they will be disappointed if they don’t)

  • 15

    Not included here are the Promotion Relegation dates for the 22 & 29 July in SA between the Lions and last placed side in the South African conference.
    We should know that position come the 9th June 2013.

    What are the Promotion/Relegation Two match tournament rules?
    Are these dates confirmed?
    Will there be TV coverage?


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