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The GLRU have announced in a media release that former talsimatic captain Joshua Strauss is to leave the Lions and play for the Glasgow Warriors until May 2015.

He will depart for Scotland in the next 2 weeks.

The full press release reads:

“Johannesburg, 11 Septemer 2012… The Golden Lions Rugby Union announced this afternoon that Josh Strauss, the Glasgow Warriors rugby club in Scotland and the Lions concluded an agreement whereby Josh will move to the Glasgow Warriors until May 2015.

President of the Lions, Mr. de Klerk stated this morning: “We are pleased that we could come to an agreement with Josh and Glasgow Warriors which will allow Josh to fulfill his desire in playing rugby in Europe for an extended period. We want to thank Josh for his contribution at the Lions and wish him all the best with his future”. Josh also stated: “I am very grateful to the Lions for the opportunities afforded to me to grow as a player and thereby assisting me in being able to make this change now”.

 Josh will be joining the Glasgow Warriors in the next two weeks.”

28 Responses to Josh Strauss leaves the Lions for Glasgow Warriors

  • 1

    Sad sad sad.

    But life goes on. He didn’t look as if his heart was with the team the last few games.

    The Lions showed on Saturday that they have the players to compete domestically.

    Good luck Josh. You were a breath of fresh air at the Lions.

  • 2

    He should have been in the Bok squad ahead of Potgieter etc.

  • 3

    @ Loosehead:
    He play(ed) for the wrong team.

  • 4

    @ Loosehead:
    Sekondeer dit

  • 5

    Sad news. However, I wish Josh all the best for the future.

  • 6

    wooohooo,great for scottish fans, pity he’s not playing for melrose. excellent loosie and he will love it in scotland.

  • 7

    6 @ wee dram:
    Why on earth would he love it in Scotland?

    Cold, miserable, grey! And that’s only the decent points.

  • 8

    @ Scrumdown:
    Thats where it rains a golden/amber coloured drink.

  • 9

    8 @ Lion4ever:
    There was only ever one good thing to come out of Scotland, and it isn’t whiskey.

    It’s the road to England!

  • 10

    Sounds like you love Scotland. I must admit, their national instrument of torture can sound like a thousand tom cats being neutered without aneasthetic. And that is just 1 person playing. On the other hand, a skillful person playing a tune like “Amazing Grace” can be really soothing.

    And they did not really invent whiskey, as that is the preserve of Ireland.

  • 11

    “national instrument of torture’ lol

  • 12

    10 @ Lion4ever:
    I don’t dislike Scotland at all, but you must remember that when I went to school in England in the 70’s their was a REAL suspicion and dislike for all who weren’t from your neck of the woods.

    As for the “doodelsak”, I really enjoy the sound of the pipes. Whiskey however you can take and throw down the drain.

    Oh, and I’m sure neither the Scots or the Irish really “discovered” whiskey (or whisky) (Irish o scottish spelling?), I’m damned sure the Taffy Bastids (Welsh) will actually lay claim to it. FFS, they do to everything else from Biltong to Pavlova.

  • 13

    @ Scrumdown:
    I see. Whisky/whiskey is a good drink, but I still will go for a good beer first, then a whiskey.

  • 14

    13 @ Lion4ever:
    I’m a pirate myself. The Captain’s brew. Kaptein skuim.

  • 15

    This is big news for Glasgow who kept this one close to their chests, thanks for putting it up Scrumdown.

  • 16

    @ JanMurrayBok:Looking forward to seeing him ‘in person’!!!!

  • 17

    Judging from Glasgows last two games they can certainly do with a player of Strauss’ character and ability, they seemd to be physically inferior to Scarlets last weekend. I know they play different positions and not exactly the same type of player but hopefully he will fill the void a little that was left by Richie Grey leaving at the end of last season. To be honest though I think the biggest loss for Glasgow was that of coach Sean Lineen, only time will tell if Townsend can do as good a job as Sean did. Strauss will be good to have around the club especially during the 6 nations when the likes of Kellock will be away on international duty, unless Strauss is called up by the Boks at any stage of the season, that would be sods law for Glasgow that happens. Only question I have is where are Glasgow getting the money to fund this, they seem to have small sponsors whose names appear on the back of their jerseys but don’t seem to have a BIG MAIN sponsor as the front of their jerseys have been void of any sponsors names this season. Maybe they have or are in the process of securing something and thats why they have been able to go ahead and get Strauss in.

  • 18

    16 @ Just For Kicks:
    Yip JFK even more reason for you now to get up to Scotstoun to watch Glasgow, mmmm me wonders does Strauss have a Scottish granny Wink

  • 19

    A pity for all the long suffering Lions fans, but it is good news for Glasgow who seem to really rate the man: announcment on their website has the heading: “Strauss Signing is Music to Warrior Ears”

  • 20

    I see now that it was announced earlier, prior to announcing Strauss’ arrival, that no 8. Vilami Ma’afu is leaving immediately so that will explain some of the funding for it. Vilami is said to be leaving for personal and family reasons, doesn’t sound good for him – all the best Vilami.

  • 21

    Some snippets from Glasgow announcement : “Glasgow Warriors today revealed one of the most exciting signings in the club’s history”; “The 25-year-old is renowned as one of the most dynamic and powerful back-rowers in the Super XV”; Head coach Townsend has hailed Strauss as a “terrific addition”, saying: “Josh is an outstanding player and person who will be a fantastic asset for our team and club. “He’s a signing who will excite both the rest of the squad and our supporters, who doubtless will have enjoyed watching him lead from the front with the Lions in Super XV…
    “Technically, he has all the elements you’d want to see in a No.8.”

  • 22

    Strauss saying the usual correct things about the quality in the squad and how he thinks he will have to work hard to prove his worth and earn selection – I think he will walk straight into the match day 22 for the 1st match he is available and could go on to form a nice loose forward combination with Rob Harley at 6 (SA 7) and John Barclay at 6.

  • 23

    Last quote for the day from the article :”“Josh is here first and foremost to make an outstanding contribution on the field, but we also see him as someone who will be a very positive and inspirational influence for our young back-row players as they make strides in the game”

  • 24

    Scrumdown when did you see the release from the Lions about this? It is also published on the SRU site and appears to be todays news but when you go into the article on Glasgows site and the one about the other no 8. who is leaving its is dated and time at some time last night.

  • 25

    7 @ Scrumdown:
    Its a great place to live Scrumdown, I know you’re being facetious so not taking your comments too seriously but I’m sure if you opened your mind and spent any length of time here you would appreciate what a lovely place it is.

  • 26

    6 @ wee dram:
    Hi there wee dram, I noted you’re newly on here today, nice to have you on board. Are you based in Scotland I see you mentioned something about Melrose? Anyway time to go and take the dog for a walk before heading back to work, hope to catch up again soon, Slainte!

  • 27

    @ JanMurrayBok:
    I received it in a media release from the GLRU.

    I have media accreditation through Rugby-Talk, and used to be on the Lions Chairmans’ Council.

    My first and thus far only visit to Scotland was in 2008 to watch the Springboks at Murrayfield.

    My PA booked me into the Murrayfield Hotel, as instructed by me, only to receive an e-mail saying it was full and they had moved me into another hotel near the University.

    Flip, the place was a flea pit, overrun with students hell bent on keeping the whole world awake through the night.

    Decided to watch Wales v Canada in the bar and hooked up with a member of the SNP and proceeded to drink WAY TOO MUCH.

    Ended up at the Licquorice Lounge in the city and the rest is a blur.

    Sunday after the game went up to St Andrews to soak up some of the history on the most glorious November day, then took the long drive back to the office in Cirencester via Blackburn. (Had a Mozambuican Blackburn supporter with me who I’d dragged to St Andrews, so seemed fitting to take him to Ewood PArk on the way back.)

    And that is my sole experience of Scotland.

    Oh yes, and I recall the road to Edinburgh from the west is not for the faint hearted in poor weather.

  • 28

    According to KdK, Josh Strauss’ move to Glasgow will give him a chance to play for Scotland at the next World Cup. ‘He’s 25 years old and has been presented with an opportunity to make a family move abroad. The fact that he will have a chance to play Test rugby for Scotland in three years was a major factor behind his release’


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