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Hi, we have created pools for Rugby-Talk for both the Currie Cup Premier Division 2012 and The Rugby Championship 2012.

Here are the details:




Rugby-Talk Currie Cup 2012 – Pool code: rudeleft

Rugby-Talk The Rugby Champions – Pool Code: valehave

Remember folks, to be eligible to play in these 2 Pools, you have to be registered here at as a User, so join up and join the pools.

31 Responses to SuperBru: Currie Cup & The Rugby Championship pools

  • 1

    Invitations sent to our regular SuperBru players… come on, read your mail and accept the invitation or make sure you’re a registered Rugby-Talker and join the Pools!

  • 2

    Can I join as well. Never played it in my life dunno what it is but it sounds like fun.

  • 3

    2 @ Spooony:
    Of course you can join, you are indeed registered and Active here on Rugby-Talk

    Just Go to , register there and join the 2 Pools!

  • 4

    ok done with my champions pick haha

  • 5

    4 @ Spooony:
    I don’t see you in our Pools, Lepeltjie…. have you joined the pool, if so, with what nickname?

  • 6


  • 7

    6 @ Spooony:
    Oooo, so jy’s Snottie…. OK, ek sal jou goedkeur

  • 8

    6 @ Spooony:
    OK, die Snotsambok is in die pools…. heng, dit klink nie goed nie!

    Kom ons sê liewers, Snotsambok neem nou deel aan die Pools…

  • 9

    haha dit was my ontgroenings naam in std 6 beter as tribbes en plore wat die ander meer rondgeloop het

  • 10

    9 @ Spooony:
    Nouja, van nou af is jy Pielletjies of Snottie… hehehe

  • 11

    haha Hulle het mens darem vir n gat gevat daai tyd. Vandag hardloop die moffies na Hulle ma’s toe as dit gebeur.

  • 12

    my wife thinks i’m a god
    every night she serves me burnt offerings
    rice is burnt … meat is burnt

  • 13

    @ ashley:Hahahaha, classic!!!!

  • 14

    I woke up the other morning at 4:00 am to find some woman banging on my door. I was like, WTF ?… So I got up, and let her out.

  • 15

    “I would never hit a woman in my life but I’ll shake the shit out of her.”
    Chris Rock

  • 16

    14 @ Spooony:
    15 @ ashley:
    Julle vrouens gaan julle kruppel bliksem!


  • 17

    Close of play day 1 of SA tour match against Worcestershire, not the best of days with the bat for SA, declared on 237/9 and Worcester were 70/3. Good scores for captain AB de Villiers – 80, Albie Morkel – 50, Vernon Philander 40 not out. Rudolph, both Petersons, Duminy and Tsolekile struggled with only Alviro Peterson out of those reaching double figures – 10. 2 wickets for Steyn, 1 for Morne Morkel so far.

  • 18

    As jy voel die lewe is te gejaag, as jy voel jy het n breek nodig, as jy voel jy wil aleen wees__ kan jy maar LOFTUS toe gaan, WANT DAAR GAAN NIEMAND WEES NIE”!!!

  • 19

    Morning Ash and JFK.

    Are you two ready for the big derby later?

    Should be a cracker can’t wait.

  • 20

    morning pums
    still as cool as a cucumber bru
    have something to do with the fact that i dont really believe that we’ll win the competition, though.
    dont get me wrong, i’m definately supporting them, i think i just reached the stage where i no longer believe that they’ve got what it takes to win this competition or even the cc!!
    do you perhaps know someone with a time machine? i want to go back to our golden age!!! Cry-Out

  • 21

    After the most disasterous Super15 Superbru (Having been a reasonable contestant previously) I wonder if I should give the Currie Cup a miss.

    Forgetting to submit your entries is not a great way to claw you way up the log!! 🙂

  • 22

    @ Blue Bird:Hi BB, long time no hear. I think it would be sacrilege to give the CC a miss! GBS must find it in hie heart to send you reminders. That is all there is to it

  • 23

    from cricinfo
    greame swann not selected for the 2nd test!! now thats a shocker!! dont think anyone saw that one coming!!

  • 24

    petersen’s 1st runs (4). bit streaky though, but i think he’ll take that any day!!

  • 25

    Peterson is just extra baggage. Surely there is 100000000 cricketers in this country better than him

  • 26

    spooony @ 25
    i dont think there IS so many cricketers in the country, bru
    so you’ll have to start a bit lower
    take away:
    those who will never get past club or provincial level,
    those who doesnt open the batting
    those who dont bat
    and those you still playing biscuit cricket
    and we can start discussing who of the rest is better than him!!
    did i hear you say jrudolph?
    surely there is 100000000 cricketers in this country better than him!! : Wink

  • 27

    50 petersen. well played bru!!

  • 28

    27 @ ashley:
    Hello tjommie,

    Daar is ‘n Krieket Thread…. spesiaal vir jou!

  • 29

    @ ashley:
    If you want to get technical yes. But you get the point

  • 30

    @ Just For Kicks:

    Hi JFK, GBS always a bit scared I might beat him again!!

    Well done on your rowing gold btw….that was excellent for you guys

  • 31

    Remember to get your picks in, the Currie Cup starts this evening at 19:10 at Loftus!

    Live Game Article has already been scheduled.


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