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Who of you remember the Player 23 Campaign of a few years ago, where supporters were asked or even convinced that we were Player 23, as supporters.

If you remember the campaign, you will also remember old Jan… well this is what it’s all about, we as the more ardent supporters of rugby in South Africa and around the globe always complain that we want to feel envolved in the game, mean something to the game of rugby as a whole, and have fun in the process.

I’m taking the lead for this concept here after I also took the lead in a similar thing on another blog, before Rugby-Talk was started a few years ago, where we all showed our unity with Jan, Player 23, when a journalist rubished the idea of Player 23.

We all decided to change our blogging Nicknames at the time, temporarily, in open solidarity around old Jan… and we all had the name Jan in our Nicknames – we really ran riot on that website, something they will surely never forget and what magnificent fun we had in the process.

For a while I became grootblouJan

Well, I am calling all South African Janne, to show solidarity in supporting the Springboks for The Rugby Championship, by adding Springbok Jan, or something similar, to your Rugby-Talk nickname.

Have I got everybody on board?


How do you do it? Simple, you’ve got to go change your nickname in your Rugby-Talk profile, this is done as follows:

  1. Click on your name just above the block where you would write a comment (Just under <b>Leave a Reply</b>)
  2. Change your nickname accordingly
  3. Save your changes
  4. Blog again to make sure it’s changed… correctly


…. and just to remind you of player 23…. here’s Poena with the Player 23 song





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