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The disciplinary hearing of suspended Lions coach John Mitchell will start at the offices of the Golden Lions Rugby Union on Tuesday.


It’s now 25 days since Mitchell was suspended after a group of players presented a ‘list of grievances’ to GLRU president Kevin de Klerk complaining about the manner in which Mitchell treated his players.

De Klerk later said the suspension of Mitchell wasn’t only based purely on players’ complaints. “It is inaccurate to say it is a player-driven thing and I would like us to move away from that,” De Klerk said last month.

“It was inclusive of a number of processes and it wasn’t necessarily the players on their own, and that is the way the position stands.”

Mitchell informed Beeld newspaper that he welcomes the hearing so that he can set the record straight. He will be assisted by his legal team.

There appears to be no chance that Mitchell will return to his position as coach at the union, but they are yet to start looking at a possible replacement.

“For now we will continue with Ackers (Johan Ackerman – who was named interim coach) and Carlos (Spencer-backline coach). John is formally still the coach, so it would be wrong of us to start looking for someone else,” Ruben Moggee, CEO of the GLRU, said.

3 Responses to John Mitchell hearing set to start today

  • 1

    nero is playing the fiddle while rome burns!!!

    Super 15 postions

    2012 .. 15th
    2011 .. 14th

    Super 14 positions

    2010 .. 14th
    2009 .. 12th
    2008 .. 14th
    2007 .. 12th
    2006 .. 13th

  • 2

    One generation into “true” democracy, and our youngsters have become ill disciplined prats who can’t take a bollocking.

    I wish I could have told that 18 year old with 2 white stripes on his arm who chased me to the tree until I cotched that I was going to send a list of grievences to the CO.

    Especially when he stated that he was going to “krap jou borskas oop, op jou longe kak, en jou aankla vir ‘n stinkasem”, because that was VERY unfair of him.

    LIONS PLAYERS, start performing where it matters, maybe then the coach won’t tell you that you’re a useless piece of dried up dog dh1t that’s good for fukcall!

    SHAME. Maybe he hurt your highly (un)professional feelings.

    Knowing KdK as I do, I actually smell a stinking rat in this whole affair.

  • 3

    Is there any news of the outcome of this hearing or is it still ongoing?


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