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Hello friends,

This is a reminder that there is indeed a SuperBru competition for the Junior World Championships 2012, taking place from early June 2012.

The details are:



Pool Name: Rugby-Talk JWC 2012

Pool Code: haspweak

Remember folks, to be part of a Rugby-Talk SuperBru pool, you HAVE TO BE registered here at Rugby-Talk.

3 Responses to SuperBru: Rugby-Talk JWC 2012 pool

  • 1

    OK, hurry up… join!

    Only a few days to go….

  • 2

    Okay like I said on the other thread, I have joined our pool now.

    This will be a tough one to predict I guess. Just threw in my first picks and see how that goes.

    Cheers gbs, catch up tomorrow. Thanks for getting us a pool to play in boet.

  • 3

    Hell, now we have to pick for 3 different competitions, with differing deadlines… at the same time

    Super Rugby: Rugby-Talk Super Rugby 2012 pool
    Winter Tours: Rugby-Talk Winter Tours 2012 pool
    Junior World Championships: Rugby-Talk JWC 2012 pool


    Winter Tours begin tomorrow… pick in, check
    Super Rugby picks for this weekend in, check
    Junior World Champs starts Monday… must remember to make my picks on time!


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