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The scores from the various matches will be updated here as a live thread. All the games are live on SS1 and SS5




Scotland  34 / 17 Italy (Final Score)

Sun 17 Jun 12:30 (SA) – UWC Stadium CAPE TOWN

Fiji 20 / 29 Samoa (Final Score)

Sun 17 Jun 14:45 (SA) – UWC Stadium CAPE TOWN


France 19 / 17 Australia (Final Score)

Sun 17 Jun 14:45 (SA) – Newlands CAPE TOWN

Ireland 27 /  12 England (Final Score)

Sun 17 Jun 17:00 (SA) – UWC Stadium CAPE TOWN


Wales 6 / 30 New Zealand (Final Score)

Sun 17 Jun 17:00 (SA) – Newlands CAPE TOWN


Argentina 3 / 35 South Africa (Final Score)

Sun 17 Jun 19:15 (SA) – Newlands CAPE TOWN

190 Responses to JWC: Updated results of the semi finals – Sunday 17th June

  • 151

    What was great to see was the balance between the forward and back play in the half. Running when able, and steam rolling when required. An all round game at the moment. Shame about the dropped balls, but they did get better as the half went on

  • 152

    @ Puma:
    Free State, I think

  • 153

    @ bean1:
    Ciao Bella!

  • 154

  • 155

    @ Puma:
    What’s the latest on Bambie, Bigcat. Heard anything. Hope he is ok. Would like to see him at 10 and Morne Stain on the bench instead.

  • 156

    Puma Cubs get on the board at last with a penalty.

  • 158

    hello julle klomp mallietjies hehee

  • 159

    Argentina slot a penalty

  • 161

    showing Brian Macmillan in the crowd

  • 162

    155@ The_Young_Turk:
    Heard nothing yet. Just read on Rugby365 that all three: Kruger, Lambie and Alberts will get until Wednesday to see if they can play. Kruger had xrays and it came back all clear (that is good news) so no real damage to his neck, according to the article I read. Probably just waiting to see if they pain free by Wednesday before the annouce the team.

    Hope they all injury free by Wednesday. Alberts knee don’t sound good to me though from the article. Just have to wait and see. If they giving them until Wednesday they probably have some hope it will clear.

  • 163

    161@ sharky_forever:
    Howzit bro. When did Jordaan pick up that injury? Was it on Tuesday or during training this week? Hope not serious.

  • 164

    Rain coming down now

  • 165

    what TRY

  • 166

    @ Puma:
    HIyas Brudda, he got injured during training

  • 167

    @ Puma:
    Yip, hope they are all ok or not out for long. Don’t think HM should play any players at risk of breaking down. They are not able to give their all and just risk aggravating their injuries even further.

  • 168

    Jeez we just way, way too good for the Argies.

    Really can’t wait to see our Bokkies take on the Baby Blacks this Friday. Should be a cracker of a game.

  • 169

    We heading for a comfortable win now by the Bokkies. Must say can’t wait for the clash against the baby Blacks.

  • 170

    166@ sharky_forever:
    Jees he must be disappointed, especially after a super performance on Tuesday. Hope not serious. We not gonna have many injury free after the this tourney and the Eng/Bok tests, if Lambie, Alberts and Jordaan are all injured. Not sure of our chances for our Sharks then.

  • 171

    Stompie Kitskos comes off after a job well done. Lets see if kebble can do better now than the last game.

  • 172

    169@ The_Young_Turk:
    Should be a cracker. Can’t wait myself.

  • 173

    167@ The_Young_Turk:
    Doubt Meyer will play any if injured. Remember he has had a good look at these players right now and will want them all for the RC. So really can’t afford for them to make their injuries serious. Though remember we have some S15 games left too. Eish! that tourney is just way, way too long.

  • 174

    Penalty converted by Pollard

  • 175

    Argies frustration getting the better of them now…..pity.

  • 176

    @ Puma:
    Yup, that’s the farking problem in the first place – too long S15! Too much rugby is being forced down our thoats cheapening the spectacle.

  • 177

    Jantjies slots a penalty

  • 178

    Never expected the Bokkies to so dominate the Baby Pumatjies. They have absolutely no answer! There is basically just one team on the field. This Argy team is not so weak considering they took care of France and Australia.

  • 179

    Hope Smith is okay, would be a massive loss to lose him now so close to the final.

  • 180

    178@ The_Young_Turk:Again, just re-iterates the talent we have

  • 181

    176@ The_Young_Turk:

    For sure S15 just way, way too long. The home and away derbies should never be. Just play each other once. That alone will give us 4 weeks less of rugby.

  • 182

    Wonder how Arg will shape up in the RC? Going to be really tough for them to face the 3 best rugby nations in the world, not only once but TWICE??

    They did beat France though, so not sure, just think the SANZAR countries are going to be way too strong for them this year. Well the way I see it. They could surprise us, who knows.

  • 183

    182@ Puma:A bit like Italy joining the 6 nations

  • 184

    Final Score – SA 35/3 Argentina

  • 185

    Good day for the Bokkies, bring on the 22nd and the Baby Blacks. Well done Bokkies, time to go on and win it. Gooooooo Bokkies

    Outta here, cheers all. Thanks for the company

  • 186

    Well done Bokkies. Awesome win.

    That Paul Smith is wonderful captain and like I said on keo on Tuesday while blogging there, this young captain is a breath of fresh air. A superb and confident young chap.

    Okay out of here now.

    GO BOKKIES. Hope we can klap the Baby Blacks.

  • 187

    183@ Just For Kicks:

    Yip think it will be similar.

    Okay cheers mate, out of here now.

  • 188

    Ciao a tutti.

  • 189

    Really good to see the result from the Bokkies, must have been a good game to watch. Super for them to be in the final for the first time in a long while, hope they put the Baby ABs away.

  • 190

    103@ Just For Kicks:
    Ha ha JFK mate now what would give you that idea, certainly no syndicate going this side 🙂 See you said earlier about your fat fingers, well if was at least using a mobile to post would have had an excuse but it was from a wee Android tablet so should really not be that clumsy but hey just the fact I have one of them now is a BIG leap ahead technology wise for me Happy-Grin Thanks for all the scores nice to have a ‘one stop shop’ to see it all at a quick glance.


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