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New Zealand (36) 63 / (0) 0 Samoa (Final Score)

New Zealand and Samoa did battle in the IRB Junior World Championships at Danie Craven Stadium, Stellenbosch at 16:45 SA Time.

This was the live match discussion Article.

The match was broadcast LIVE on SuperSport 1 & SHD on TV in SA.



New Zealand:

  • Penalties – Ihaia West (1)
  • Drop Goals – 0
  • Tries – Ambrose Curtis (2), Milford Keresoma (2), Rhys Marshall (1), Martin McKenzie (2), Nick Ross (1), Nathan Harris (1)
  • Conversions – Ihaia West (4), Scott Eade (1)


  • Penalties – 0
  • Drop Goals – 0
  • Tries – 0
  • Conversions – 0


New Zealand: 15 Martin McKenzie, 14 Ambrose Curtis, 13 Jason Emery, 12 Pita Ahki, 11 Milford Keresoma, 10 Ihaia West, 9 Bryn Hall (Captain), 8 Jordan Taufua, 7 Jake Heenan, 6 Jimmy Tupou, 5 Joe Latta, 4 Nick Ross, 3 Fraser Armstrong, 2 Rhys Marshall, 1 Tuki Raimona

Replacements: 16 Nathan Harris, 17 Eric Sione, 18 Ofa Tu’ungafasi, 19 Glenn Preston, 20 Hugh Blake, 21 Jono Kitto, 22 Scott Eade, 23 Marnus Hanley

Samoa: 15 Fomai Ah Ki, 14 Fale Iosefa, 13 Toetu, David, 12 Lomitusi Ulu, 11 Jason Tagiilina, 10 Potoae Sasagi, 9 Faatafa Maiava, 8 Elekana Laupola, 7 Elia Togitele, 6 Risati Faamatuainu, 5 Tumama Tu’ulua, 4 Tofatuimoana Solia, 3 Andrew Broomhall, 2 Ropeti Lafo (Captain), 1 Aniseto Sio

Replacements: 16 Raymond Salu, 17 Petelo Masei, 18 Alex Iosefa, 19 Airi Hunt, 20 Oneone Fa’afou, 21 Vavao Afemai, 22 Utu Poliko, 23 Peter Schuster

143 Responses to JWC 2012: New Zealand vs Samoa – Live Game Article

  • 101

    Theres some hair there tonight!!!

  • 102

    87@ The_Young_Turk:
    Come on Turk let us discuss the Boks for this weekend. This game is boring. ABs walking this one.

  • 103

    @ Puma:
    I said I agreed with you BigCat. Just related some of the other views out there.

  • 104

    103 @ The_Young_Turk:
    I they want to appear to be and in fact be stupid… let them be…

    Fark them!

  • 105

    I think that at 9 pm on Saturday night, HM didn’t have a clue. He was completely lost, and about to pack it all in. Then he met GBS.

  • 106

    Try Curtis again… try No 8 for the Baby Blacks

  • 107

    105 @ Just For Kicks:
    Told you I was going to have a word or 2 with him…. hehehe

  • 108

  • 109

    102@ @ Puma:
    Agree with you there too. I’m not even watching this game. I think most of the problem with HM is the contradictory statements besides the fact of course that he only picked 3 Stompies. I didn’t expect too much different but he surprised even me by his bias and his ideas. Almost all coaches are biased towards player they know. It comes with the territory – you expect the players to trust you and build close relationships with them, so you have to reward their trust. If AC had been Bok coach he probably would have picked 15 Stormpoppies!

  • 110

    Nie JJE se skuld dat hy vir die Bokke gekies is nie, maar dit was nou werklik onverdiend. Eintlik FL se skuld want hy hou hom aan kies as ‘n 13 wat hy nie is nie.

    (En hoe langer Hougies skrummie speel, hoe meer word ek oortuig hy is eintlik ‘n vleuel)

    JJE het 14 punte geskenk aan die Stormers: net voor halftyd met die aanslaan, en toe Siya (pure bok!) sy arms oopgehardloop het en Bananas weggestuur het vir nog ‘n (wen)drie op Loftus.

    FL moes al lankal vir JJE op vleuel vir die Bulle gekies het (Ndgane was ‘n strydos, maar sy tyd is verby), hoe meer hy hom buitesenter speel, hoe minder gaan JJ sy merk maak.

  • 111

    109 @ The_Young_Turk:
    Only the Media attributed contradictory statements to him… not himself…

  • 112

    It’s always going to be this way if you pick a provincial coach. That is where Mallet would have been different this time as he has been out of SA for a long time and doesn’t have a close relationship to most of the guys playing. In his time as coach though he also made some weird picks.

  • 113

    112 @ The_Young_Turk:
    The run-on 15 is now very predictable… and the guys who should have started anyway…

  • 114

    Held up… NZ running Samoa freegin ragged

  • 115

    103@ The_Young_Turk:
    Okay never saw your reply.

  • 116

    109@ The_Young_Turk:Agree, HM’s only real fault in my book, was his lack of interaction with the media before the announcement, and allowing the daft hacks we have here – read Rapport – to start all the stupid rumours. I have no real problem with his non-selections, but as I said in my soap box tirade, with a squad like this, he must win. He has set out his stall, and if he wins, he will have the country behind him. If he loses a few games, the hacks, bloggers and the rest will have a field day.

  • 117

    109@ @ grootblousmile:
    Let me explain the contradictory thing. When a coach does something he justifies it and often he says too much and so gives his opponents ammunition against him. He should just say less but of course the media are asking questions and he is trying to be diplomatic but this just makes things worse.

  • 118

  • 119

  • 120

    ENGLAND 52/5 ITALY. 70 minutes

  • 122

    109@ The_Young_Turk:
    Meyer would have selected: Burger, Bekker, Vermeulen with the 3 he has now. That would have been 6. Then again he has Kolisi with the training squad on standby. I felt for Kolisi really he has been excellent. He will get his chance for sure. Let us see who Meyer selects for the RC. If this team he has now does well against the English, then who knows the injured will have to fight for their place. That has always been the way in our rugby.

  • 123

    Try Nathan Harris… the replacement hooker

  • 124

    @ The_Young_Turk:
    lets see how the press tores him appart

  • 125

    Final Score: New Zealand 63 / 0 Samoa

  • 126

    121@ grootblousmile:Yup, hows this for cricket scores to start the JWC. Looks like world rugby is well out of kilter!

  • 127

    I think the reason (PROBABLY) why the Sharks and probably the Bulls never gave it their all this weekend. NO players wanted to be injured and not selected for the Bok team. Then have to get over their injury and play their way back, also to beat the guy now that has taken their place that could be playing out of his socks.

  • 128

    My mening is dat die volgende dinge teen HM se planne ingegaan het op hierdie stadium:

    1. Jacques Fourie en FDP wat nie beskikbaar is nie
    2. heelwat Stormers beserings
    3. Bulle wat uit die bus geval het die laaste drie wedstryde, veral ‘pienk saterdag’, juis op die tyd toe hul moes ‘peak’ met die oog op die toetse wat voorl√™.
    4. die moontlike bok kaptein (Spies) wat sy vorm verloor het.

    Uit ‘n blou bul oogpunt gaan daar natuurlik baie vrae wees as die bulle bokke nou skielik na een week ‘peak’ en soos kampioene die volgende 3 saterdae speel.

    Maar Puma is reg, na die 4nasies sal ons ‘n beter oordeel kan fel.

    Sterkte aan HM en die bokgroep.

  • 129

    From my personal point of view I had certain misgivings about HM before he was chosen as Bok coach and he hasn’t done anything to lessen those misgivings but I am prepared to give the man a decent amount of time to prove himself. However unfortunately many of the public now have made up their minds already so we have a sad situation where the Bok coach is again under pressure before he has even played a game. He now has to win every game to keep the wolves at bay and they are going to find fault with everything that happens on this England tour. If he manages to win the RC then maybe he will win over many people as everyone likes a winner. Just a pity that we saffers are always our own worse enemies.

  • 130

    ENGLAND 64/5 ITALY. 79 minutes

  • 131

    WE should never have aggreed to this S15 format. TOOOOO long. Also should be completed before the incoming tours. Far, far better that way.

  • 132

    122: ons toekomstige bok lostrio gaan so lyk:

    6 – Marcel Coetzee
    7 – Siya Kolosaal
    8 – Arno Botha

  • 133

    ENGLAND 64/5 ITALY. Final Score

  • 134

    128@ @ bdb:
    Good points
    Yes, one can only fairly judge HM at the end of the year.

  • 135

    127 @ Puma:
    I’m glad for Marcell Coetzee… he’s been excellent all season!

    The strangest choice in the Bok group to me is Franco van der Merwe….

  • 136

    129@ The_Young_Turk:
    We are our own worst enemies. This provincialism is rubbish sometimes. We should be looking at the bigger picture. Some just never will.

    Like I said to you in a earlier post, the moaing is all coming out the Cape, when really it should not be. Had there not been so many injuries in the Stormers side 3 players extra without a doubt would have got selected. NOW they just can’t be included next time either, they have to play their way back in. Like all players have too really. Unless the ones selected now are just not up to it. So it is a tough world out there

  • 137

    Shall we move to the new Baby Bokke thread?

  • 138

    Every coach makes strange/picks. The better coaches make fewer bad picks but no one is immune to it.

  • 139

    135@ grootblousmile:

    Very pleased for Marcell. I say that even if he was playing for Stormers. Just happens to be a Shark. He has been outstanding since last year in the CC and he has been top class in this S15. Stepped up to this level like a duck takes to water. That is a class player. Would also like to see Kolisi get a chance and see how he does in the Bok jersey sometime. He too has been brilliant for the Stormers and to be honest I have not even noticed that Burger has not been there.

  • 140

    139 @ Puma:
    Yip, Kolisi is freegin awesome!

  • 141

    137@ grootblousmile:
    If you have one up. Great. Let us move over. Boks week this and we should be talking non-stop about our Bokke.

  • 142

    136@ Puma:I have to take issue with this constant Stormers bashing. I am not so sure that is is just the Stormers who have been complaining. I have seen as many complaints from as many other supporters. Except on Voldy, where I did take a look, and when you look at that thread, you can clearly see how they wind up the Stormers, but have a look further back at earlier threads, and see who the complaints came from. I think you may be pleasantly surprised to see that most of us are behind HM, and will be overjoyed for the win.

  • 143

    @ Just For Kicks:
    haha I am a Stormer and I think there has always been the banter been the Bulls and WP/Stormers. Just look at the history. If you can not take then I need to say grow some balls. Not directed at you but once the banter is gone so dies a part of our rugby’s tradition. And that tradition mind you fills staduims year after year. Its North vs South. But lately we do the talking on the field and the Bulls off the field mostly…

    Oops there I did it again my appoligies. But now its the Bokke and I am 100 percent behind then no matter how many Bulls, Sharks, Freestate or Lions play for them. Anyways half the Bulls come from WP so………….


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