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Former Springbok flyhalf Naas Botha has called for harsher punishments against fighting during school rugby matches, Beeld reported on Monday.

Players from John Vorster Technical High School and Waterkloof High School, both in Pretoria, got involved in a fistfight after a match at the weekend.

“A one to three-week ban won’t teach these guys a lesson,” said Botha, who is also a coach at Waterkloof High.

“Remove them from the game, because we (the rugby community) don’t need this kind of thing. At some stage SARU (SA Rugby Union) should step in and take serious measures against players who behave like this,” Botha told Beeld.

The two second teams had just completed their league match, and had shaken hands on the field when the fight broke out.

A John Vorster player allegedly punched Waterkloof’s fullback, from Grade 11, in the face and other John Vorster boys then kicked him when he fell.

A Waterkloof team-mate rushed to help the boy, but was also punched and kicked, to the point where he lost consciousness for a while.

Deon Fichet, John Vorster’s sports manager, said the incident would be investigated at the school on Monday.

Waterkloof won the second-team match 54-10.

10 Responses to Stamp out School Rugby thuggery – Naas

  • 1

    For some or other reason the Technical High Schools have a bit of a bad name in Schools Rugby.

    I remember in my time, in Pretoria, we always joked that the guys from Tuine Tegnies ran onto the field with screwdrivers in their pockets….

    The gum guard in those games was not for tackles, but for punches and the running-kick-farking-slap one of them bitches would try to give us.

    First couple of rucks and mauls were important… first one to see who the big oke was who wanted to start the fights, the second and third ones to see to it that he was stretchered off….

  • 2

    “Waterkloof won the second-team match 54-10.”

    Won the game, but lost the fight?

  • 3

    2 @ Scrumdown:
    Certainly looks like it… but then again, who feels better about it today….

  • 4

    I thought this Article would have gotten some attention and some comments….

    …. and if not the Article, then surely my Comment # 1!

    Not to be it seems

  • 5

    Anybody ever participated in a match where you knew there was going to be some fists flying?

    Hell, I played in a large number of those…

    At school, in the Army, Club games… there were just those you expected to blow up… and did!

  • 6

    Having gone to a very posh school, and a very posh College, we had non of that, hehehe.

  • 7

    6 @ Just For Kicks:
    Did you only play against posh schools and posh colleges?


  • 8

    @ grootblousmile:Nah, was only joking – never got into a fight though. Worst that ever happened to me was I was stuck at the bottom of a ruck once, both arms completely pinned down, and head sticking out, and this short little shit beat the living daylights out of me, and then ran away – off the field and home. By the time I got up he was nowhere to be seen!!! The boys dined out on that one for a while!

  • 9

    8 @ Just For Kicks:
    One of my buddies at school, Nico Stofberg, was a karate chap… black belt…

    Anyway, it was in std 8 and we were playing for the Camels team (4th team – we all ate spiked oranges at halftime… smoked the changeroom blue after every game), hell we even had a little Camel Sign embroydered on all our rugby shorts.

    We were playing a game against Tuine Tegnies on the school B-field and this one oke moerred Nico from the side…. pot shot.

    Next ruck or three happened and the oke came out of that ruck with ball in hand… Nico gave him a perfect turn-around flying kick against the head…. man down.

    Nico was sent off… and the oke was carried off….

    Tripples might remember the Camels team…. she’ll definately remember Nico Stofberg…

  • 10

    Ons loskop stut op skool, Werner Hoops, was n yster…so sterk soos n os en n gevreesde teenstaander agv van sy size en agtergrond. Sy gunsteling tydverdryf was om die ou wat teen hom scrum, se broek van sy lyf af te skeur. In plaas daarvan om met die arms te bind, het hy die ou se kortbroek sak wat so mooi opmaak as jy scrum, hand ingesteek…vasgevat en gepluk. Ek was by sommige van die games waar hulle uit kortbroeke uitgehardloop het voor Werner van die veld afgestuur word 🙂


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