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Cheetahs flyhalf Sias Ebersohn is the second South African rugby player to have signed with an Australian side in two years, having signed a two year deal with the Western Force.

According to Ebersohn was approached during the Force’s visit to South Africa. Force CEO Vern Reid says that Sias will make a significant impact with the Force as he has been touted as a potential Springbok.

Sias will join the team ahead of the 2013 Super Rugby campaign, and is expected to remain with the Cheetahs for the Currie Cup season. This move was apparently negotiated without Cheetahs coaching staff being aware of it.

The deal is now before the Australian Rugby Union, who has to approve all foreign player deals, as Sias is seen as the one foreign development player each franchise is allowed.


“I waited a long time for my chance at the Cheetahs and then suddenly (Johan) Goosen was on the scene and when he got injured, I was suddenly replaced by Riaan Smit – in my three years at the franchise I never competed with Riaan for a place and it seems that the chances that other players are given, were never given to me. It’s sad but at some point you have to look at yourself.

“It isn’t in my hands. I am not the coach and it was always Naka’s decision. As a player I will always give my best and this move won’t influence the way I play. It is disappointing to leave, especially when you realise they aren’t interested in you.

“I had high expectations of the season, and things didn’t always go as I wanted them to go. But there were promises of playing time made that never materialised. Goosen had a good season and I am a player who plays not for money, but rather to enjoy the game. You can never get better unless you are backed and you improve on the field. Luckily this lesson has happened early in my career and I can learn from it.”

He feels he should have been backed after some erratic performances, hinting at how the Bulls have shown faith in their flyhalf Morné Steyn.

“Morné has had – by his standards – one of the poorest kicking seasons of his career but he still plays and the team still backs him. I never played enough to get my selfconfidence on a high and without those opportunities, you get rusty, you get “vrot”. You need to play to keep in form.”

Ebersohn also said he simply couldn’t refuse the offer from the Force.

“The Force approached me and I never spoke to them first. They said they think I am a good player and they want me as their No 1 flyhalf. What player in my position wouldn’t grab that opportunity.

“I learnt a lot in my time here, and not just on the field, but life lessons as well, especially from Hawies (Hawies Fourie, Cheetahs backline coach). My time here was good but there were many decisions that should have gone my way, many team selections that went against me.”

32 Responses to Sias the next one to jump ship, and gives his reasons

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    Goosen has signed another 1 year deal with Cheetahs

  • 2

    Former Sharks scrumhalf Scott Mathiehas just signed with the EP Kings for next season.

  • 3

    Jaco Taute out for 3 months – going under the knife tomorrow

  • 4

    goodmorning gay_blousmile, gay_bidibidi and all the other village people!!
    ñ hartlike goeiemôre ook aan alle stormers-, sharks, cheetah- en lions ondersteuners!!!

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    @ ashley:Top of the morning to you to, sir

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    If you jump to go higher, good. The other direction is called a fall.

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    4 @ Just For Kicks:
    Hello Agtermekaar kêrel !

    Ek sien jy is al heel emosioneel oor Saterdag…

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    6 @ dWeePer:
    No wonder Sias’ mind has’nt been with his on-filed game… with all these talks and signings going on.

    Cheetahs squad starting to look like a chess game… towards the end of the game where most of the pieces, including rooks, knights, bishops and pawns, are on the side of the board… and chess mate is an inevitability… hehehe

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    9 @ Just For Kicks:
    Hello Kickers… how’s it going?

    Nervous yet for Saturday? I am!

  • 11

    @ grootblousmile:Not yet, been a bit too busy to think too much about it – so thanks for reminding me, hehehe.
    Nice to see that Pieterson and Siya may be back, but Carstens doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope!!!

  • 12

    Why are the Cheetahs haemorrhaging players like this? Is there something going on at KittyKat HQ that we don’t know about? Why did Sias (apparently) feel the need to have secret talks with the Rebels, and where does that leave Robert, who we are told like to travel in pairs? Why has Goosen only signed a 1 year contract, when the Bulls could get Hougie to sign a 3 yr one, as have the Sharks and Steyn? Why are my shoe laces always coming undone, and why isn’t there an East and a West pole?

  • 13

    Official Media Release:
    “Na lang onderhandelinge met Sias Ebersohn se agent Gerrie Swart, het ek en die Vrystaat Cheetahs (Edms.) Bpk. besluit om vir Sias vry te stel van sy 2013 kontrak met die Cheetahs,” het Naka Drotske hoofafrigter van die Toyota Cheetahs en Toyota Vrystaat Cheetahs gesê.

    “Sias voel dat hy graag meer blootstelling wil hê en voel die kans wat die Western Force hom bied is ‘n stap in die regte rigting vir hom as speler om sy doelwitte te bereik. Ons het gevoel ons wil nie in sy pad staan en sal hom vrystel van sy 2013 kontrak. Sias sal na afloop van die 2012 Absa Curriebeker by die Western Force aansluit. Ons wens vir hom alle sterkte toe vir sy toekoms en wil hom bedank vir wat hy vir Cheetah rugby beteken het.”

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    Just For Kicks wrote:

    Why are the Cheetahs haemorrhaging players like this?

    It just so happen to be Cheetah this time, but the other teams has lost players as well before. Would be interresting to see who play(ed) where overseas (let’s say over the last 10 years), and from what franchise they made the move from. Bet the Cheetah’s would be in the minority.

  • 15

    gbs @ 7
    think you’re refering to me there?
    you know mos bru
    this is the highlight of any rugby season for me
    for me its always been like that, will most propably stay like that!!
    i’ve always been this loudmouth before a bulls/stormers clash ….
    in the lean years!!

  • 16

    @ JFK 12, Goosen signed until en 2014, so in effect 3 years. The player drain is nothing new, if you read the article I wrote about it on Monday. This is a good year in fact, we haven’t lost many, and the real stars are signed. Goosen and I think van Zyl until end 2014. Coenie, Brussow, Strauss, and quite a few stalwarts have also signed till at least end 2013

  • 17

    not that the lean years are over yet, btw

  • 18

    in honour of the new blue
    a new song for the loftus faithful
    Young man, there’s no need to feel down.
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    There’s no need to be unhappy.

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    They have everything for you men to enjoy,
    You can hang out with all the boys…

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    flok, hoekô ka o’ssie elke wiek tien me’kaa’ spelie?

  • 20

    HM to announce the Springbok squad at 9.00pm on Saturday night after the Stormers v others game

  • 21

    Pieter Louw gallantly coming to the Stormers aide to cover for all the loosie injuries

  • 22

    20 @ Just For Kicks:
    Hmmm… I might be speaking to him before the announcement there at Loftus… will keep you guys in suspense… if I do.

  • 23

    22@ grootblousmile:Well lets hope you don’t confuse the hell out of him just before he has to make his announcement!

  • 24

    23 @ Just For Kicks:
    I just need to replace a few players on his list, that’s all…. hehehehe

  • 25

    Seems Sias is spewing alot of vitriol over Naka, not giving him playing time. I must say I am dissappointed in Sias. This is pro sport, and nobody owes you nothing! You are contracted on the basis of the potential you offer. Then the ball is in your court to justify that selection, and earn your spot. Sias played very well last year, in fact he exceeded expectations. However Johan goosen is a class act, and unfortunately better than Sias. Sias got chances to play, maybe not as much as he expected initially, but when he did get his chance, he faltered. Naka didn’t just drop him. After his failed goal kick vs the Highlanders, that arguably cost them the match, or at least a draw, he was still given the 10 jumper vs the Stormers, and there he also fell apart. Penalty kick, over the dead ball line, a failed kick at goal, and a dropped catch in his own 22, all put the Cheetahs on the back foot.

    Naka rightfully subbed him with Riaan Smit. Now Sias wants to cry foul? Bullshit! He would have been the pivot for the remainder of the season, enough game time, but he lost confidence. It’s not the coach’s job to maintain player performance and confidence. he is there to coach the team, strategise, and contract players. Each individual is responsible for his own form, performance, and confidence.

    This is just spitting the dummy, because he didn’t make it, and now it is everyone else fault. If he doesn’t change his attitude, he wont make any altitude!

  • 26

    Cheetah4eva wrote:

    Naka rightfully subbed him with Riaan Smit. Now Sias wants to cry foul? Bullshit!

    Totally agree. Bye bye…have a nice life, Ebersohn.

  • 27

    Do I sense a bit of general unhappiness by Cheetahs players with Naka & Co?

    Apart from the lure of the Pound & Euro… seems to be many Cheetahs leaving… compared to ANY of the other Super Rugby Franchises in SA… hell, even compared to the Lions.

  • 28

    27@ grootblousmile:Something not 100% right, but I totally agree with C4e, a professional sport, no place to spit your dummy out in public – especially if you’re not on top of your game

  • 29

    I see Sias is already being touted as the next Aussie flyhalf (after naturalisation period, naturally!)

  • 30

    @ GBS,
    Based on what? Last year a host of players left the Bulls, was there a general unhappiness with the Bulls management? Crap! The players are leaving for money. End of deliberation. Now you will argue that the likes of Bakkies, Fourie, Danisaurus and co were in the twilight of their careers. Indeed, but if it wasn’t for more money, they could have seen out their careers at the Bulls, not so?

    I tire of the theory, of unhappiness, whenever players leave. An opportunity knocked, and it served their interests to go. Others prefer to stay. Brussow, Juan, Os, and Andre Venter to name a few. Name one player apart from a Sias, who has done his own cause nogood, and that scoundrel mapoe, who have ever complained about the situation at the Cheetahs.

    In fact Johnson publicly stated that he enjoyed it at the Cheetahs, but the decision was based around securing his futire = money.

  • 31

    30 @ Cheetah4eva:
    Maybe they’re happy as pigs in Palestine, well I certainly hope so for the Cheetahs, and with that I’m not denigrating the Cheetahs…

    It’s just strange that the Cheetahs have now lost WP Nel, Ashley Johnson, Izak van der Westhuizen, Sias Ebersohn & George Earle in a very short space of time.

    Now let’s compare that to the other 4 Franchises…. in the same time frame, they have very recently lost…. mmmm…. no one that I can immediately bring to mind…

    In fact, 3 of the Franchises (Bulls, Sharks & Stormers) have just aquired or re-acquired the services of some overseas-based players… to come back to SA. Bulls – Rayno Gerber, Stormers – Carstens & Sinclair, Sharks – Frans Steyn…. in this same time frame where the Cheetahs are leaking players.

    What else is there to read between the lines?

    What deductions do you make?

    Do you ascribe it to mere farking co-incidence, 5 times round?

    Are’nt the players at the other Franchises also pulled by the lure of money?

    The Bulls players who left late last year… you were absolutly spot-on, they were at the end of careers, with little time left to build a nest egg. Can you honestly say the same about these young Cheetahs?

    Come on, don’t see me wondering about the reasons for leaving as a negative, I’m questioning a strange occurrence…. an odd one, to say the least!

    Damn, now you’re just sensitive… no need to be… I really, really like the Cheetahs… a lot!

    Hell, maybe it’s just contracting time at the Cheetahs, whereas the contracting time at some of the others fall later in the year….

    Just tell me one thing… please tell me you are also asking questions… or are you pulling an ostridge with head in the sand here?

  • 32

    @ GBS,

    Lol, nope, maybe, itis because, as a Cheetahs supporter, I have become used to the movement of players mid-season. It is contract time, in Europe. How many young players, in the same situation, would not consider a stint in Europe. Izak vd |Westhuizen, is definately not in the Springbok mix, so it is a no brainer that he would go. Ashley has little chance, and has publicly stated, that his move is to secure his future, after getting married last year. WP Nel, has been overlooked as a potential bok, despite solid performances, and has an opportunity to play for Scotland, virtue, of some distant cousin no doubt. Johan Wessels stands behind Brussow, in the pecking order, and received a n offer to play overseas. Sias is the only disgruntled player, and largely, it is not the Cheetahs fault, that Goosen is just to good to keep off the pitch.

    It might be coincidence. All I am saying is, just because players sign for overseas, it not neccessarily indicative of unhappiness in a camp.

    Guys like van Zyl, Labuschagne, Prinsloo, Goosen Jacobs, brussow, Coenie, and Nyakane have just extended their contracts. It’s normal fare for the Cheetahs. Players get scooped up by the Cheetahs, make a name, and get bought by richer unions.

    The silly season will still kick in for the other unions, mark my words.

    I would be concerned if players that form the core of the Cheetahs jumped ship. Only one of the guys leaving, that leaves a dent, is WP Nel, but then the plan was always to move Coenie to TH at some time.

    The only player that you mention, worth his salt is Frans Steyn. The Cheetahs have also drafted in Ross Geldenhuys, to increase depth at prop, Boom Prinsloo signed for two years to cover Ashley’s move, and no doubt more will follow.

    We currently have the following to play CC

    Props: Coenie, Marcel vd Merwe, Nyakane, Geldenhuys, Ian Potgieter, Stephan Kotze (Junior Bok 2011)
    Hkr: Strauss, Liebenberg, and PW van Vuuren
    Locks: vd Westhuizen, Waltie Vermeulen, Ockie van Zyl, Francois Uys
    Flnks: Brussow, Raubenheimer, Lappies Labuschagne, Boom Prinsloo, Dries van Schalwyk, Phillip vd Walt, Armand Koster
    SH: van Zyl, Pretorius, de Bruyn, Luiters, Rademan
    FH: Goosen, Smit, Kritzinger
    Centre: Strauss, Snyman, Geel, Ebebersohn, Robbie van Schalkwyk
    Wings: Jacobs, Benjamin, Ulengo, Burger
    FB: Daniller, Scheepers

    So there is enough settled players, and some that we can develop.


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