The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has welcomed a compromise agreement on the kick off date for the 2015 Rugby World Cup tournament as well on a new funding model to recognise impacts on unions in Rugby World Cup years.

The IRB Council on Tuesday reached agreement that the 2015 tournament will kick off on September 18, which represented a compromise between the organiser’s preferred date and that of the SANZAR nations, who will be engaged in the Castle Rugby Championship until shortly before Rugby World Cup kick off.


The meeting also approved a £ 50 million investment into the global game from 2012 to 2015 to address the challenges faced by national unions who lose income in Rugby World Cup years.

SARU and other Tier 1 nations will each receive £ 7 million (93 million Rand) as part of the new financial model to promote stability for national unions.

In addition, a sub-committee has been formed to investigate the current Rugby World Cup financial model and make proposals on rights management. One of the key concerns is to ensure appropriate exposure for national union sponsors and financial partners. Jurie Roux, SARU CEO, is a member of the four-person committee which also features Sophie Goldsmith, the commercial director of England’s RFU, and the CEOs of Wales, Roger Lewis, and New Zealand, Steve Tew.

“We are pleased with the outcomes of this week’s discussions as they have addressed and resolved a number of concerns of the Tier 1 nations in the southern and northern hemisphere,” said Roux.

“A Rugby World Cup year is a financial challenge to all competing unions and the new financing model goes some way to answering those concerns. Typically unions receive reduced rights fees from sponsors (because of more limited exposure), there are fewer home test matches, while expenses increase as a part of Rugby World Cup preparations.”

Roux said that, in addition, the four Castle Rugby Championship nations would share a £ 10 million allocation for any financial impacts on the tournament in 2015.

9 Responses to Rugby World Cup 2015 – Happy deal for SARU & Southern Hemisphere countries

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    Rugby Championship (4 Nations) should be dropped during a world cup year. Just can’t see Meyer playing a full strength team in the last part of that tourney, much like Jake and PdV did. So why the heck play it in a wc year? Crazy. We don’t want injured players before the world cup and the S15 will have taken its toll on the players by then. So daft to even think of playing RC that year.

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    1 @ Puma:
    Oompie… is your Internet speed for the other Internet sites which was slow now sorted?

    From your IP particulars it seems that Telkom is your Internet Service Provider… in which case the advice I gave you yesterday would work like a charm.

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    2@ grootblousmile:
    Still having a problem with Rugby365 and Sharksworld nothing opening there or taking forever. The rest are working okay for now but still slow. RT though is the fastest and working the best.

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    3 @ Puma:
    I can see, from the way your IP address postulates, that it might be that your ADSL Modem is / was set up wrong initially by the techie who did it.

    The reason why I say so is because it lists you as if you were still resident in Joburg, in stead of having automatically allocated you DNS Servers in your local area there in Natal, somewhere near your place in Umhlanga… It might therefore be that your Modem is set with STATIC DNS Servers in stead of DYNAMICALLY ASSIGNED DNS Servers…

    Lot of Tech speak…. but nevertheless a good explanation.

    Pity I am not close by to pop over and just help out, quick fix….

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    4@ grootblousmile:
    Ja well don’t expect much from these okes that set up my ADSL. I did have them come and set it up here in Umhlanga but what can you expect from those okes hey???? hehe.

    Yeah a pity you could not have set it up for me gbs. My daughter has a friend that lives down the road, that does the same work as you and he is very good at it. So if I have anymore problems will get him over.

    As we spoke earlier I could not get onto the thread about Frans Steyn it kicked me out and could not get back in. Just rebooted and whoooooweeeeeeeeeee….hehehe. Only took a second to get back on here!

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    5 @ Puma:
    There are not many people in SA with my IT knowledge Oompie… a handfull at most.

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    6@ grootblousmile: You work form Joburg though. You kinda far from Umhlanga boeta…….hahaha.

    He seems very good though. Fixed my daughters pc that I thought should have gone to the scrap heap back to working well.

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    7 @ Puma:
    Even though I work from Joburg, I maintain or administrate a lot of Networks & Systems remotely via Online Access… but you’re right, sometimes one needs to be ON location.

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    8@ grootblousmile:
    Tried to answer you earlier and the post would not go through. So probably the same problem that is happening on the other sites. Now just posted on another thread and it went through easy.


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