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Hello friends,

We have set up a SuperBru pool for the Winter Tours SuperBru Competition.

The details are:



Pool Name: Rugby-Talk Winter Tours 2012

Pool Code: wadsbops

Remember folks, to be part of a Rugby-Talk SuperBru pool, you HAVE TO BE registered here at Rugby-Talk.

5 Responses to Rugby-Talk Winter Tours 2012 – SuperBru pool

  • 1

    Check your Mail… you’ve been invited.

    To those who have not taken part in Rugby-Talk’s SuperBru Competitions… register for Rugby-Talk (this website)… and join the pool.

    Can’t wait for Test season!

  • 2

    Spent the day lazing about.. got up late… had the extended family over for lunch…

    Then took the freegin washing machine apart, fixed 3 pipe leaks, unclogged 2 other pipes… and the machine is back in purring mode…

    Damn, I can fix almost anything… hehehe

    Here’s a tip… we have a contract with Early Bird to maintain our Appliances, TV’s & Electric equipment.

    They are difficult to get hold of, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to get them to come out on site to fix something… so I ended up fixing things myself lately.

    Rather save that monthly premium, and buy new stuff when they break, because Early bird will just give you head aches, shitty service and their work is poor quality.

    We will be cancelling our contract with them… for sure.

  • 4

    @ grootblousmile:

    Whaat do you charge to fix washing machines in the Vaal Triangle ? :)


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