Former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers has approached the South African Rugby Union (SARU) about possible work.

De Villiers, who coached the Springboks from 2008-2011, spoke to Eyewitness News Sport about the issue.

De Villiers told them he approached SARU over a possible role of working with club coaches.

EWN Sport posted on their twitter page that De Villiers had received no response from SARU about the matter by Tuesday.

“#Boks Peter de Villiers says that he hasn’t heard back from #SARU yet over his proposal of working with club coaches,” EWN Sport tweeted.

De Villiers believes he gained valuable experience during his tenure at the Boks, which could be useful for the game in South Africa.

“I feel a bit useless at the moment. Sitting back home and nobody shows interest in trying to draw from experience that I do have,” said De Villiers.

De Villiers’s most notable achievements while coaching the Springboks were a Tri-Nations trophy and a series victory over the British and Irish Lions in 2009.

38 Responses to Jobless Div approaches SARU

  • 1

    What comes around goes around.
    Maybe the next coach will be in the same situation.
    Remember there are many Unions who feel not so totally behind Mr Meyer.
    I feel it is sad to read the tasteless comments on his dilemma.

    Out of 140+ comments on News 24 you find few that recognize Peters achievements, in most comments he was plain s*** and with that i will never agree.

    This comment is how i will always remember Peter

    “Jake White also has had to endure some vicious and nasty comments on this blog. PdV and Jake White did not appoint themselves. Is it really necessary to vilify people just because they applied for positions? Big picture, we will not win every RWC, and PdV was not the worst coach the Boks ever had.

    The real villain was SARU and the political climate that resulted in the coach with the best CV being overlooked. That has now been rectified, but I will still remember PdV with some fondness and respect. He has made his contribution to bring the Springblok emblem closer to the majority of our citizens, and for that I salute him.

    What is it that make many us so dang disagreeable, critical and difficult? ”

    I hope that someday we realize that his biggest mistakes was one of lifes best attribute, LOYALTY. His loyalty prevented him from throwing people out and that undermined all his successes.

  • 2

    for all the good i have praised sarugby for in this last few days
    and for all the talk that sarugby talked about establishing structures from junior rugby upwards
    and for all the talk of being able to provide even the smallest of unions on mondays with breakdowns on the games they’ve played the weekend before that, we are AGAIN missing an oppertunity!!
    as SUPER @ 1 have rightfully stated (and i sincerely hope it doesnt happen!!)
    if heyneke fail, i can see him sitting in more or less the same situation … its gonna all depend on:
    1. his results
    2. the media and what perception they build around him.
    i’m not sure, in the event of failure, whether (given the way heyneke left the bulls) that they (the bulls) will be eager to welcome him back (i may be wrong on that count, though).
    to come back to my point:
    i (for one) cant wait for all these structures discussed within the media in the last week or so, to be implimented and to see the results from them. some of those results will be small differences and may be difficult to see at first … but i dont care, as long as the results and the differences are positive.
    dont know whether this will ever reach anyone high enough up in sarugby to make a difference .. or if it does, whether he/they will care enough
    i cant emphasise enough the importance of getting guys thats been at the highest level back into our systems!!
    we have the oppertunity to make an immense difference at club level … but we’re throwing it away!!!
    jim greenwood in his book “thinking rugby” has made an immense and may i add lasting impression on me … in this book he explains different “problems” and then give a step by step indepth discussion of what to look (ie identifying the problem) and solving it.
    if i look at guys coming into international level (at the boks) and the problems that they have (cant pass to a certain side, ball protection etc), then its obvious that along club and provincial level these kind of things are either not identified or just ignored, or if it is identified … then the guys dont have the know-how to rectify these problems
    please sarugby … DO NOT make the same mistake you’ve made 4 years ago ..
    4 years ago you’ve selected someone on feeling … feeling that the time was right to bring in our first coach of colour
    you’re doing it again
    ignoring a massive oppertunity because you (may?) FEEL that he has let you down!!

  • 3

    Altough I agree that SARU should not throw experience away, this one is difficult.

    Snor dug a huge hole for himself during his Bok tenure with his wayward mouth, so much so that it apears that SARU is skittish to envolve him in anything meaningful in future.

  • 4

    gbs @ 3
    but theres no media to talk to here

  • 5

    Maybe SARU must come in line with the new SA, in this country one can steal and become a president. Here we believe in corrective punishment, you go to jail and come out a better man. Ubuntu maybe? So please forgive the man and use his experience. He did a great job to unify supporters.

    He is paying dearly for his loyalty to DM and GG. Just hope that Heynecke is not permanently attached to his support staff.


  • 6

    I had the honour to meet Peter twice by coincidence, at Saldanha and in Paarl, and he took time off to talk to me while we were waiting for the same person on the first occassion….. and then the second time in Paarl he recognised me in the bank and called me by my name!!!!

    The last sentence in Superbul’s post says it all, ‘loyalty’; that is PdeV’s second name.
    An honest, religious and headstrong bloke this, not even Cheeky Watson could have his way with this boytjie from ‘New Orleans innie Vallei!’

    That’s all I want to say about that (as Forrest Gump said).

    I was sickened by some of the derogatory comments of those ‘rugby snotkoppe’ down in the Cape on News24 and Die Burger, and can just imagine how PdeV
    must feel about them, being a Capey and all.

    And if you are reading this (and I know you peep in here now and then, you and ‘PB”!),go well coach Divvie, don’t worry, you will be back out there on the field in your track suit soon, I am sure.

  • 7

    this is frustrating!!
    lets take it from the top
    over the last few years the following points around coaches and coaching staffs have been discussed without end:
    1. we’re tired of “judge me at the wc”
    2. we want to win every test or at least going into the test wanting to win it. no more “throwing tests away” because of this 4 year cycle
    heyneke at least is making the right noises .. so i’m positive in that regard (ie 1 & 2)
    another point that been discussed especially when it came to coaches leaving to ply their trade somewhere else or even instances of guys just “vanishing”, we (can i say) pleaded? that these kind of guys be utilised!!
    have such an oppertunity here …
    and may i add
    which we are refusing to use
    in my book that 2 steps forward (if 1 AND 2 come true)
    a definite step back!!

  • 8

    @ superBul:

    Who is ‘GiGi’?

  • 10

    pietman @ 8
    wou jou ook gevra het … wie is PB?

  • 11

    @ superBul:

    O, ok thx bruvva…..,ja, hy het Div gekos.

  • 12

    Three former Springboks backs have picked their favourites for the Bok midfield after outside centre Jaque Fourie made himself unavailable for at least the next two seasons.

    The 29-year-old Fourie has a two-year contract with the Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers in Japan and said while he plays there he won’t be available for the Springboks.

    This is a big blow for the Springboks after coach Heyneke Meyer made it clear he wants to pick an experienced team for the upcoming three-Test series against England in June.

    “His decision is definitely a sad day for Springbok rugby. He is one of the best ever and could have played 50 more Tests,” said Meyer.

    However, while there’s no doubt that Fourie’s experience will be missed against the touring English, a few former Boks believe there’s enough talent and experience to fill the void.

    Carel du Plessis, former Bok winger and coach, agrees that for now Meyer should opt for experience.

    “Frans Steyn and Jean de Villiers could provide the answer,” Du Plessis told Volksblad.

    “Frans is strong, physical and intimidating. Jean is, like Frans, experienced and his distribution is good. They’ll provide the answer in the short term.

    “But in the long term Heyneke would want to establish a combination as soon as possible. If I look at youngsters, Robert Ebersohn is starting to show signs of a Test player.”

    Du Plessis said he’s still worried about Stormers centre Juan de Jongh’s distribution and decision making.

    Meyer would also hope that De Villiers recovers in time from a hand injury, which he picked up playing for the Stormers against the Crusaders over the weekend.

    Former Bok centre Helgard Muller also feels De Villiers and Steyn should make up the Springbok midfield for the England series. “After that they can look at guys like Robert (Ebersohn) and Juan (de Jongh),” said Muller.

    But legendary Bok outside centre Danie Gerber feels Ebersohn is ready to start against England. No other local outside centre has impressed Gerber so far in Super Rugby.

    “He’s got a lot of ‘ball’ in him and I’ll definitely pick him (as Fourie’s successor),” said Gerber.

  • 13

    @ Ashley:
    Hello Asjas.
    Ouditeur langs jou in ou Std Bank-gebou, jarelange ou boesem-pel van my in CJ. Vrind van PdeV ook, meisiekinders was saam op skool.

  • 14

    @ superBul:

    Btw, jy is skaars, gedog jy het weggeswem daar uit die spruit!
    Hoe gannit met die restaurant? Laat weet as julle n barman soek, nog altyd my ideaal gewees, ek vrek mos oor agter drank staan!

  • 15

    Vanaf die Bulle se site

    More almal, ek gooi nou weer ‘n klip in die bos. Hoe waar is dit dat Bismarck du Plessis ‘n 3 jaar kontrak met die Bulle geteken het?

    Dit is 100% waar…. ek het Bismarck raakgeloop oppad uit Loftus gister…

    Net nadat ek my kontrak geteken het om 5 jaar vir die Bulle te speel!!

    Ek vra is dit waar????

  • 16

    @ Pietman:
    Nee nie weg gespoel nie. Bietjie besig, maar ek het nie n restaurat nie my dogter het, sy sal kan doen met so wereldwyse handsome barman.
    Ek is in die tuin bedryf

  • 17

    Ek sien hulle in berig PdeV praat van ‘no response from SARU’……. hulle se moere.

    Kyk maar net wie is hulle, tot Cheeky hang ook al glad daar uit, ‘nuf said’; hy, vir een, sal nie eers vir PdeV ys skenk innie winter nie (seker nog moerig oor daai NZ trip toe sy boude aan hom en sy in Dunedin afgesmeer het).

  • 18

    @ superBul:k

    Ok, barman is reg,,,,,,ek gaan beslis net nie in jou tuinbedryf werk nie, hehehehe!

  • 19

    @ superBul:

    Bissy sal moet uithaal om vir Chili te lig, daai outjie speel uithaler rugby tans.

  • 20

    pietman @ 18
    ek hou van tuinwerk
    solank ek dit nie hoef te doen nie, lol

  • 21

    15@ superBul:
    Morning Super,

    It is all rumours, as I can assure you Bissie has not signed with the Bulls. He still has a contract with Sharks until end of 2013.

    Anyhow Bulls don’t need Bissie they have Chile who is playing awesome rugby right now. Bissie and Chili are SA best hookers right now, with A. Strauss from Cheetahs.

  • 22

    6@ Pietman:

    Morning Piet,

    I also had the honour of meeting Peter here in Umhlanga just before the 1st Bok/BIL test. I found him to be the most pleasant and down to earth man. A really good man. I wished him well for the test as he walked past me and all of a sudden he came up to me and shook my hand and took time out to speak with me. I thought that was fantastic. NO other coach would ever make time for supporters like Peter did. I take no notice of people who just want to ridicule him really. Shame on them that is all I can say.

    Good luck Peter from this Bok Supporter I wish you all the best.

  • 23

    you know guys,
    today’s comments just highlight why i’m proud to be associated with Rugby-Talk.
    its an honour guys, it really is!! Tears

  • 24

    Crazy-Tounge Puma, you sure you were not the only one willing to talk to him? He he ..

    Now, I never met the bloke so I can’t comment too much on all of this, but I believe his selections were poor at times, selecting some of his mates and sidelining much better talent. Earl Rose, just name one of them. He inherited a great team and didn’t bring much more to the table apart from his silly comments ect. Sorry, but he made the Boks the laughing stock of the international rugby community at times.
    Saying all that, I don’t have any ill feelings towards the bloke and I really do wish him the best. Not an easy job being the Bok coach, so good luck to Heyneke.

  • 25

    bos_otter @ 24
    i’ll never put myself through this shit even if i had the aptitude for it
    just look at heyneke …. 2 months away from his 1st international and already getting a lot of shit!!

  • 26

    not even pdv, after hoskins’ admittance of “other reasons than rugby” had to face so much shit!! ok, it got worse after the breaking of the so-called “sex scandal”, but by then he already had a few internationals behind him at least!!

  • 27

    @ Ashley:
    Have to agree mate. Must be one of the most ungreatefull jobs on the planet….specially if things don’t go your way.

  • 28

    Ja, PdV is maar ‘n lostong-poephol wat nie veel van rugby weet nie, en wat vasgevang was in ‘n situasie waar die spelers die show gerun het. Het nooit verdien om Bok-coach te gewees het nie, maar het nog steeds sy beste gegee en daar was darem nooit ‘n saai oomblik met hom naby nie. Ek ken hom ook nie persoonlik nie, maar wens hom darem regtig al die voorspoed toe in die toekoms. Ek hoop net hy bly ver weg van rugby. Ag, misken kan SA Rugby of daai ander klomp ape by WPRU vir hom ‘n overpaid admin joppie gee. Maar hou hom weg van die pitch!!!!

  • 29

    rugbyprof @ 28
    ek dink dat hy wel, met die idee van “konsultant” (as jy wil) wees van coaches op klub level, ñ positiewe invloed op sarugby hê … nou, voor jy van jou stoel af bliksem, kom ek verduidelik dit so … die idee van coaches help op klub level (en hier dink ek aan klubs wat nie die geld het om ouens te bekostig wat voorheen op die hoogste level gecoach of gespeel het nie) is dieselfde as die idee van die strukture wat heyneke nou implimenteer … die idee vd strukture is om so vroeg as moontlik sekere dinge te begin beklemtoon .. hoe hoër die speler gaan, hoe minder tyd hoef die afrigter dus af te staan om daardie strukture in te oefen en kan hy dus meer tyd aan ander fasette bestee … hoekom dit dan nie op klub vlak begin nie? sarugby sal in elk geval 2 vlieë met 1 slag doodslaan (en nee pdv is nie 1 van hulle nie, lol) deur
    1. klub rugby te bevorder en die level daarvan te verhoog
    2. deur te wys dat hy nog steeds besig is om die game in die gebiede te bevorder wat dit nie self kan bekostig om dit te doen nie.

    (2) sal ook aan heyneke meer “breathing space” gee en hom toelaat om SY dinge te implimenteer
    dit is
    indien JY nie alreeds besig is om die bogenoemde om klubvlak te implimenteer nie.
    het ons dalk nie die “lostong-poephol wat niks van rugby weet nie” nodig nie!!

    rugby groete

    (nog ñ peophol wat niks van rugby weet nie!!)

  • 30

    Ek het Snor ontmoet vir die EERSTE keer daar by Orlando Stadium, toe die Bulle die Saders na moer geloop het daar… en toe weer die week daarnaa ook met die Final.

    Daarna hom ‘n hele paar kere gesien en met hom gepraat met die verskillende Springbok Toetse… en natuurlik ingesit in die perskonferensies ook… die Soccer City Bokke / All Blacks Toets onder andere.

    Kyk, moenie ‘n fout maak nie, hy is vreeslik aangenaam, gesels graag en maklik en baie… en is ontsettend vriendelik… en was altyd gewillig om tyd te maak om met mens te gesels. Almal hou ook van die man, want hy is maklik om van te hou, hy is grappig en vrolik.

    As taamlike ontleder van mense (ek is gesteld daarop om mense gou op te som, meestal as gevolg van die professie waarin ek gewikkel was – dit was noodsaaklik) is ek egter oortuig daarvan dat Snor nie die skerpste potlood in die pakkie is nie, dat hy vreeslik graag mense wil “please”, maar ook dat hy groot pluspunte het as mens, dat hy altyd goed bedoel het, dat hy hard probeer het.

    Maar eweneens is ek ook heilig oortuig daarvan dat hy ‘n baie beperkte vermoê het om homself maklik en korrek uit te druk en dat hy soms mense se vrae vooruitgeloop het en dit baie moeilik gevind het om sy mond te snoer. Die spesifiek bekwaamheid of gebrek daaraan gaan vir my hand aan hand met die persoon se intelligensie of die gebrek daaraan.

    Tegnies dink ek nie naastenby Snor of Tricky Dicky Muir was goeie TEGNIESE Afrigters nie, terwyl ek dink Gary Glitter Gold was dalk TE TEGNIES imponerend maar met te min mense skills.

    Dis my mening dat Snor nie maklik kan of kon regkry om behoorlik te organiseer nie, hy was deurmekaar en swak voorberei, hy was impulsief, strukture was lukraak en beloftes wat nooit plaasgevind het nie is daar hope sprake van.

    Sou ek hom aanstel in ‘n pos im my besigheid en hom baie verantwoordelikheid toedeel? Die antwoord is eenvoudig… Nee, jammer mense maar ek sou nie.

    Sou ek die man graag om ‘n braaivleisvuur wou hê wanneer daar gekuier word? Ja gewis!

    Wens ek hom alles van die beste toe? Verseker, verseker, verseker.

    Dink ek hy sal ‘n aanwins wees as Afrigter van een van die toonaangewende Franchises in SA of iewers elders? Nee, gladnie… dalk in ‘n beperkte mate as HULPAFRIGTER!

    Waar dink ek hy pas in, in rugby kringe? Ek dink sy rol behoort te bly by jeugrugby, waar hy klaarblyklik sterk genoeg is om die jonges te beteuel, maar waar hy nie sterk genoeg is om senior Super Rugby spelers of Springbokke te beheer en behoorlik te beteuel of af te rig nie.

    Hierdie is my persoonlike mening, ek wil dit in NIEMAND se kele afdruk of afforseer nie, ek wil geen vriendskap of verhouding daarmee vertroebel of versuur nie, dit is eenvoudig hoe ek die man opsom.

  • 31

    gbs @ 30
    miskien het ek (kom ons noem dit maar) die voordeel dat toe die rugbygogga regtig begin byt het, ek met ñ afrigter te doen gehad het wat nie eens sy moedertaal ordentlik kon praat nie.

    die laaste motivation speech deur hierdie afrigter (net voor ons veldvat) was gewoonlik begroet met spelers wat met hulle hande voor hulle monde sit, ander wat iets teen die dak raaksien, ander wat druk besig is om tokse vas te maak en ñ moerse klomp ouens wat skielik hoesbuie ontwikkel het. die kere wat ons nie skaterend veld gevat het nie, was min!!

    nou, het die man wat homself nie eens kon uitdruk nie geweet wat hy doen? o ja, o jaaaa!! ek dink dis waar ek my liefde vir die tegniese kant van rugby geleer het, hoekom ek graag ouens se artikels lees wat hiermee te make en waar ons keer op keer, as ons sy (baie snaakse en baie lagwekkende) instruksies uitgevoer het, ons soms net ons koppe kon skud oor hoe tegnies korrek hy die heeltyd was!!

    sê nie dis dieselfde geval met peter nie, maar eks beslis nie bereid om sy rugbyvermoë te judge aan die manier hoe hy homself uitdruk nie!!

  • 32

    @ grootblousmile:

    PdeV sal beslis goed inpas by ‘jeugrugby’, soos jy dit stel, gegewe sy onderwysagtergrond en gemaklike en rustige aanslag met mense op alle vlakke. Ek sou hom graag as rugby-onnie wou he……en beslis graag om die rugbyvuur met hom saamkuier!
    Boland Landbou, PBH of Gimmies kan hom gerus intussen nader trek om ons toekomstige Springbokkies te bearbei.

    Terloops, ek koop vir geen oomblik die Oos-Londen ‘Spar Sex Gate’-storie nie. Dit was afdreiging so seker as wat ek hier sit.
    Jy hoef nie n Piet Byleveld te wees om daai een op te los nie – kyk maar net wie se familie besit die gastehuis waar PdeV tuisgegaan het en wie se seun se spankeuse op daai stadium erg onder die loep was…….daai OP-rugbymafia is n gewetenlose spul rampokkers.

  • 33

    I would love to have the Snor in my business. Wine is all about the occasion, and he makes every occasion one to remember!

    I don’t believe he is completely incompetent – he was well out of his depth at Springbok level, but he does have a wealth of experience the he could, and should pass on. His CV shows:

    Tygerberg in 1996 and 1997
    Western Province Disas in 1997.
    Assistant coach for Western Province in the Currie Cup in 1998
    South Africa national under-19 side- third in the 1999 Under 19 Rugby World Championship.
    Falcons through the 2002 and 2003
    South Africa national under-21 rugby union team between 2004 and 2006.(3rd in 2004, 1st in 2005, 2nd 2006)
    Emerging Springboks in 2007 (won Nations Cup)

    Away from the media and the public spotlight, he is a helluva nice guy – as has been said by a number of folk here, and in my mind would be perfect at working at club level.

    Kudos to the man for trying, and lets hope something comes of it. No one of this experience should be lost to the game in my humble opinion.

  • 34

    32 @ Pietman:
    Ek dink ek en jy is heeltemal op dieselfde bladsy wat die OP-Mafia aanbetref en ek dink ook die seks-skandaal was ‘n pot snot.

    Snor het goed gedoen met die Junior Bokkies… derhalwe dink ek daar is plek vir hom as mentor van ‘n jonger spul latte, want soos jy tereg sê, hy is gemaklik in daai kringe, inteendeel dalk doelgemaak vir daai kringe.

    Die outjies waarmee hy daar sal werk sal beslis nie hulle liefde vir rugby verloor onder Snor nie, inteendeel help hy dalk dat sekere ouens daai bruggie tussen skool en klub en pro-vlak oorsteek, wat hulle moontlik nie sou gedoen het nie.

    Ek dink net nie hy is beskore vir die top pos as afrigter in SA Rugby nie….

  • 35

    Daar word baie klem gele op Peter se uitsprake in die pers, en baie hang aan Graham Henry se lippe. Ek het onglangs 2 onderhoude wat met hom gevoer is geluister. Wens ek kan hulle weer vind. Daaring klink hy suurgat, skor stem en glad nie oortuigend nie, inteendeel ek het gewonder wat is ons issue met Peter, GH klink ook maar k$k.

    Wat wel waar is is dat GH n BAIE better ondersteuningspan gehad het en die resultate het gekeer dat niemand vir hom wil lag nie.

  • 36

    @ Rugbyprof:
    @ grootblousmile:
    @ superBul:

    Talking of speech blunders by coaches, who of you still remember Harry Viljoen’s announcement of his Springbok team at Boland Park?
    He didn’t know who the late Jake Swart was when asked by a reporter (Jake was the Leopards’ flyhalf included on Markgraaf advice. He, Jake, a schoolboy wonder from Pretoria, was tragically killed in a car accident near Three Sisters in the Karoo 4 years later).
    Harry also announced Ollie Viljoen as one of the props! Both these oversights were corrected in the next day’s ‘Die Burger’.

    And then we had that little Zola Yeye as manager in Scotland, addressing the Boks in Xhosa with Mark Andrews translating……Yeye called Bobo Skinstead out as one of our centers, hehehehe!

    Not forgetting Stofile who got two of the Springboks’ names horribly wrong while reading from the team sheet during the TV broadcast, I can still picture the bewilderment on Os Du Randt’s face as he turned to his mates for an explanation…… (Os is also fluent in Xhosa).

    And so we can go on right back to Johan Claassen in NZ 1981, where Rob Louw and Abe Williams acted as impromptu translators.

    So please, it is not only PdeV who wasn’t well groomed in the Springbok’s PR department.

  • 37

    Rugby World Cup-winning All Blacks coach Graham Henry has poked fun at the England rugby team, describing its players in tongue-in-cheek comments as “a shambles” who should “self-destruct and start again.”

    Henry made the comments while replying to a question from an England supporter at a fund raising dinner on Thursday in Auckland, New Zealand.

    When contacted later by reporters, Henry said he didn’t want his comments published. But the organizer of the dinner said Henry was an experienced public speaker who knew the media “could be there and would be there.”

    Henry, who was once linked to the England coaching job, has previously said the English are “world champions at wasting talent.”

    If our fav. coach said this it would have been a earth sin(aard sonde) and the media would have gone ballistic.

  • 38

    super @ 37
    not only that
    the favourate of all comments wouldve surfaced
    “the world is laughing at us!!!”


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