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I read an article today in the You Magazine which my wife had purchased after she saw on the cover that young Mark Scott,  son of Darren Scott, had been diagnosed with Cancer of the Kidney (Nephroblastoma).

This for me is heart wrenching and I would love to ask all my fellow rugby lovers and bloggers and all who read this to find it in you to please pray for young Mark. I know the Scott family would truly appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

Darren Scott is a rugby man like you and me and his son deserves our support.

Links and details of the Facebook Group regarding Mark is as follows: “Praying for little Mark Scott”

Below is a little exerpt from the group posting on facebook:

Please post your prayers and messages of support for this special family!!??  Darren and Sarah-Kate Scott found out on Thursday 1 March 2012 that their 15 month old son, Mark has a tumour on his kidney.

Message from Sarah-Kate: Just got the biopsy results: it is a nephroblastic tumor- and Mark will require a blood transfusion, chemo and surgery to… remove it. Thank you to everyone for your messages, they are so encouraging. Please understand that I cannot reply to everyone as the next 6 months, every second I am going to dedicate to keeping my child as happy and comfortable during this. May God continue to bless each of you as He has to us! He hears our prayers, and God works all things to His good! We praise His name and thank Him for the healing in Mark already!!! Xx.

For any donations, here are the Bank details: Sarah-Kate Seaward, Standard Bank Account Number: 201326965, Cheque Account, Westville branch code: 04542644

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