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Who knows, this comes out after the New Age report from last week. If de Klerk ever loses his job, I strongly suggest he offers his c.v. to the Fire Department, he spends his life at the Lions putting out fires – would fit in perfectly! As to the heading, any guesses to who KdK may be out of the Magic Roundabout gang?

Dear Supporters

Just a few lines to say thank you again for the wonderful support you have given me and the Golden Lions Rugby Union over recent weeks.

Unfortunately one cannot control what sometimes goes out in the media and more precisely, how it is presented.

As per my statement a few weeks ago, we at the Lions will defend any actions that are brought against us and I wish to give assurance that we will come through the negativity as we did in 2011 and we will become serious contenders in this 2012 Super Rugby competition.

With the introduction of the new equity partners, we have been able to offset many issues that bedevilled the Lions previously. Some of the issues are legacy issues that have been outstanding for some time and are currently being resolved. Other issues are current which are basic to any business that runs from day to day.

We are moving ahead extremely positively on the business front and we will remain resolved and ultimately become the leading brand in South Africa and in world rugby again.

Two years ago we spoke about a redesign of our winning culture – a powerhouse of rugby, a centre of excellency that will embody the very essence of innovation and performance that is our vision and belief. I spoke about us specializing in winning the season and I said the skills of the legendary warriors of the Golden Lions would reverberate once again. I said that our force would be felt on every field and in every clash and that opponents would feel our metal and know our strength.

And indeed it has.

And once again I say let us never lose sight of where we’ve come from. May we never lose our faith or our humility. May we continuously learn as we grow from strength to strength. May we never forget the importance of standing together.

Our unity has become our strength. It is this strength that will carry us through the next season and onto greater glories that we dare to dream as we face the Super Rugby.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable support and for standing behind us through the good and the bad. Without you, we would not be facing a future so bright.

Thank you.

Kevin de Klerk

GLRU President


Here’s a picture of Magic Roundabout, Kickers was referring to.

19 Responses to The Magic Roundabout with Dougal, Zebedee, or Brian – aka Kevin de Klerk

  • 1

    Eishhhh… for the sakes of the Lions I hope all the shit can be put to bed quickly.

  • 2

    It just seems that all the Lions dirty washing has come out now that the Kings entrance into the S15 for next year has been announced – coincidence? Is there some underhanded stuff going on? But I agree with you GBS, hope it gets sorted out quickly, not good for the sport at all, and not helping the Lions players at all.

  • 3

    Who is Dougal, Zebedee & Brian??

    What have they got to do with this?

    Are they creditors of the GLRU too?


  • 4

    Hahaha, after I posted, I realised that few would know, BlueBird will – it was a kids program in UK about some creatures, and called the Magic Roundabout. Dougal, Zebedee and Brian were the main characters. It was really the roundabout I was referring to. Some say the programme was drug related – haha, it has been on UK t.v. for years before anyone came up with that theory! Its a bit like Captain Pugwash, if you ever saw that, but thats a story for another time!

  • 5

    4 @ Just For Kicks:
    Captain Pugwash??

    Not a nice way to refer to Schalk Burger…..


  • 6

    4 @ Just For Kicks:
    Fark, we had Haas Das se Nuuskas, Wielie-Walie & Liewe Heksie as children’s TV programs

    … oh, and WP of course…

  • 7

    @ grootblousmile:
    Sent you a photo. Add it to the thread.

    Brian is the snail, Zebedee the man with the spring for legs, and Dougal the dog.

    Guess KdK looks more like Dougal.

  • 8

    5@ grootblousmile:Captain Pugwash was famous, or rather infamous for having the following characters in the children’s programme:

    Seaman Stains
    Master Bates, and
    Roger The Cabin Boy

    Work that one out!!!!

  • 9

    6@ grootblousmile:WP not a kids programme, rumours ETV are in kak again for showing matches before the watershed! Apparently it wasn’t porn that Top TV wanted to show, it was old WP matches – nanny brigade soon put that right!!!!!

  • 10

    8 @ Just For Kicks:

    Still sounds like a WP story!

  • 11

    I can swear I see some rugby players in the picture of Magic Roundabout…

    Habana is the one with the springs for legs, only now one spring is broken…. Brok Harris is the Snail… The Cow has a Bulls hat on, must be Barend van Graan…


  • 12

    9 @ Just For Kicks:
    Damn right, I would also rather give a licence to porn programmes rather than one for WP re-runs!

  • 13

    Look how you’re all being lulled into this false sense that the Stormers are a bunch of cartoon characters – it’s going to come back to bite you, mark my words!!!! When Steven ‘Obelix’ Kitshoff takes that magic potions that he’s been hiding, and Dewaldt ‘Asterix’ Duvenage get on the park with AC ‘Dogmatix’ biting at your heels, then we’ll see some action!

  • 14

    13 @ Just For Kicks:
    Kitskos… I mean Kitshoff rather looks like a Big Mac Burger gone wrong!

  • 15

    Wikus Blaauw looks like a Cartoon character though… exactly like the Toy Story Hero (Buzz Lightyear), when he’s got his scrum cap on

  • 16

    15@ grootblousmile:….and look how Buzz Lightyear farmed up the baddies! Yup, our Wikus can fly like a butterfly, and sting like a…..a……a neat vodka

  • 17

    Nice one Mr De Klerk.

  • 18

    Ha ha, be nice to WP/Stormers week i see. This could be fun to follow!
    has das indeed, so who is going to be piet muis, Bolla is a bit too round, maybe the greek god ha ha


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