The Golden Lions Rugby Union made their “Major Announcement”, at a Media Briefing at the Auditorium at Coca-Cola Park, this afternoon.

Redefine Properties, the Second largest property company in South Africa, a listed entity on the Johannesburg, is going to be MTN’s co-sponsor for the Golden Lions Rugby Union in a 3-year deal with the Golden Lions Rugby Union!

No figures have been given, except to note that it will be a “Multi-Million Rand” deal.

The facts are still sketchy… so more will be made known.

Herewith the full media announcement:

Media Release 9 February 2012


The Golden Lions Rugby Union announced the signing of Redefine Properties Limited as a sponsor of the Union for three years – from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2014 – this afternoon.

Redefine Properties join the Golden Lions Rugby Union as a co-sponsor of the MTN Lions team, with the Redefine logo being featured on the players’ jersey for both the Vodacom Super Rugby and Absa Currie Cup competitions.

Redefine Properties Limited (Redefine) is one of the largest listed South African property loan stock companies on the JSE with a diverse range of property assets under management, exceeding R37 billion. The company’s property portfolio extends throughout the country and consists of 358 properties valued at R17 billion and a R5 billion portfolio of strategic listed securities.

The portfolio is further geographically diversified by 184 offshore properties and listed securities valued at R12 billion held through Redefine Properties International Limited (RIN) and it’s 66% owned subsidiary Redefine International P.L.C. (RI), listed on the JSE and London Stock Exchange, respectively.

Golden Lions Rugby Union president Kevin de Klerk said, “On the back of our 2011 Currie Cup victory, we are extremely grateful and honoured to have a company with the stature of Redefine join our ranks as one of our treasured sponsors.

“We at the Lions have been building our vision to become a winning culture, a powerhouse of rugby and centre of excellence. In the modern game, this cannot be done without the gracious support of our sponsors.

“Redefine has nailed their colours to our cross and we are extremely grateful to have them on board.

“We would like them to be assured that they have bought into a group of highly committed people that have the vision and drive to collectively establish the Lions brand as a world leading brand again.

“We welcome Redefine today, and look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial working relationship over the next three years”.

“We are delighted to be part of this winning partnership with the MTN Lions. We have investors, clients and tenants throughout South Africa, many of whom are passionate rugby supporters. The opportunity to partner with the MTN Lions was one we felt we just could not let pass. Their performance last year was exemplary and we are excited they will go from strength to strength this year and provide us with an ideal platform to build our brand. We look forward to an exhilarating 2012 series,” concludes David Rice, Chief Operating Officer of Redefine Properties.

31 Responses to Golden Lions “Redefine” their finances

  • 1

    Please GBS!!!

  • 2

    1 @ Lion4ever:
    You must first ask me if it is good news or bad news!

  • 3

    Good news? It is possibly a newsponsorship deal?

  • 4

    3 @ Lion4ever:
    New Co-sponsor alongside MTN… 3 year deal.

  • 5

    Great. What is the value?

  • 6

    Apparently a ‘Multi-million’ deal, numbers not given.

    Redefine Properties, the 2nd biggest Property Co in SA, listed on the JHB Stock Exchange…

  • 7

    That’s good news. Hopefully this will finally end the horrible bankruptcy rumours once and for all.

  • 8

    Kevin de Klerk stating in the Media briefing the Lions have absolutely NO FINANCIAL PROBLEMS

  • 9

    7 @ Lion4ever:
    The rumours won’t go away… after all there is a South Gauteng High Court Application pending by Guma Tac for the Liquidation of the GLRU.

    Whether they will succeed is of course another story

  • 10

    Here is the Redefine Properties web site….


  • 12

    So, we’ll have the redefined Redefine MTN Lions…

    Or the MTN Redefine Properties Lions….

    What a re-definition!


  • 13

    Will the Lions become one of Redefine Properties, properties?


  • 14

    I know we were in dire strates not so long ago, but the MTN sponsorship, the eventual Allers equity deal, plus all the other smaller sponsorships, and now the new Redefine deal will surely keep the wolves from the door?
    Plus the culling of excess fat from the player ranks and some other retrenchments will have helped the bottom line. And if DM is no longer there , thats another couple of mil available.

  • 15

    14@ Lion4ever:
    You PAID DM to be coach / DOR?

  • 16

    @ Loosehead:
    That was a mistake. He had a decent record till he came to the Lions. However, to give him his due, he did recommend that JM become our coach. But even that had it’s issues at first

  • 17

    Some quick facts about Redefine:

    - property assets under management exceeding R37 billion.
    - their portfolio consists of 358 properties in SA valued at R 17 billion and a R 5 billion portfolio of strategic listed securitied.
    - 184 offshore properties and listed securities valued at R 12 billion held by Redefine Properties International Limited and it’s subsidiary Redefine International P.L.C listed on the JSE and London Stock Exchange respectively.
    - R 200 million invested in the JHB CBD.
    - 1 million m² of retail space on their books.
    - 1,1 million m² of office space on their books rented mainly to National Government.
    - Biggest property owner in the Pretoria CBD.

    All in all it seems like something of a sleeping giant of a Company.

    The Redefine COO David Rice stated that he saw the partnership with the Lions as an ideal platform on which to build the Redefine brand.

  • 18

    17 @ Scrumdown:
    I’m going to make you Author on the Article…. and you can add all the meat for us… damn, you were at the Presser, not me!

  • 19

    Awesome. So we are talking big bucks here.

  • 20

    How do I get accreditation? My boss would kill me if I told her I needed to visit Doornfontein to check the Lions training, or for pressers

  • 21

    20 @ Lion4ever:
    Do you want me to get accreditation for you at the GLRU… between you and Scrumdown you two could fill up the Lions Press Box nicely AND eat and drink them out of the little finances they now have….

    … but I’m serious… Accreditation for you is 2 mails and possibly 1 phone call away!

  • 22

    Can I bring my spouse?

  • 23

    Overjoy Now Redefine, all that remains to be done is to buy al the property around Ellis Park, bulldoze it level, and create some parking space.

  • 24

    22 @ Lion4ever:
    I neeeearly said, yes you can bring your spouse, leave her at my place, then go do the rugby for us at the Coke-Tin…

    … but then I remembered my manners….

    Unfortunately I cannot get your spouse Accreditation… unless she (hopefully it is a she) is a Sports Photographer, who will take rugby photos for R-T of the actual rugby, players…. ect


    Oh, I forgot… what is your spouse’s blogging name? Hehehe

  • 25

    23@ bos_otter:
    You obviously haven’t been to the Coke Tin for a verrrry long time.

    There are more open spaces and parking in and around Coca-Cola Park than Newlands and Kings Park combined.

    Name me another Rugby stadium in SA where you can park your car in a multi-level car park and walk straight into the grandstand.

    FIFA 2010 was very kind to the Ellis Park Precinct.

    You just have to know where and how to park around Doornfontein, and access to the Coke Tin is easy and (relatively) quick.

    Johannesburg has changed dramatically from the 1990′s to today. Sure there are still pockets of urban decay, but that goes for EVERY town and city in SA bar NONE.

    Too many of JHB’s detractors criticise without knowing or trying to ascertain the facts first.

  • 26

    @ Lion4ever:
    Will have to get her to start blogging. She is a bit of a ludite when it comes to this kind of thing, but she does know her game, and at a braai she prefers watching and talking rugby with the guys to going into the kitchen to do the girly talk. Her old man taught her well.

  • 27

    26 @ Lion4ever:
    You are blessed, my dear man…

    Now if she does not watch soapies and prefers the Sports channels above anything else on TV, she might just be almost perfect….


  • 28

    Not the soapies, but the reality shows and competitions like Masterchef, Idols etc.

  • 30

    Eishhhhh! But I am more blessed than most when it comes to sport, so I can’t really complain

  • 31

    @ Scrumdown:
    Scrumdown, I have only been there once and it was many years ago. I was unaware of the fact that Fifa upgraded the stadium, so thanks for pointing that out. It was a tongue in cheek remark and not meant to offend…the little hissy fit at the end of your remark us unnecessary though.


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