We’ve received an official request from the Golden Lions Rugby Union (with which we have extremely good working relations) to help advertise for them to fill the vacant post of CEO of the Union.

Manie Reyneke, the previous CEO, vacated the position late last year, and a new appointment has not been made.

I’m sure there are some of our readers who might just qualify for the position!

Be assured, with all the rumours and innuendo going around about the Lions, that it WILL NOT be the easiest of jobs to do, one would need a skin thicker than that of a rhino!

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24 Responses to Golden Lions CEO post up for grabs

  • 1

    A Lot of BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS will go into this position, hope the Lions find a worthy man to fill this important position!

  • 2

    @ grootblousmile:
    GBS, this is right up your alley!!!

  • 3

    2 @ Lion4ever:
    You think I could pull the Lions in the right direction?

    I have 2 major problems though, firstly that my Blood will ALWAYS be blue, and secondly that I have my current career(s) that I cannot let go, not at all.

  • 4

    We all have our ideas, but not all the experience. I would love the job, but don’t qualify by a long country mile.

  • 5

    @ grootblousmile:
    The blue blood can be rectified, but I suppose the career/s won’t be as stressful as Lions CEO.

  • 6

    @ grootblousmile:
    But, but I thought that it would be pink for away games?

  • 7

    5 @ Lion4ever:
    The Blue Blood thing can’t change!

    Guess my career(s) are much more stressful than any CEO job can be…. if you work for yourself, you are your own toughest boss!

    6 @ Loosehead:
    My blood will remain blue… forever!

  • 8

    @ grootblousmile:
    But you only have yourself, and your missus to bug you. CEO of Lions you have sponsors, equity partners, stakeholders, and fans to bug you.

  • 9

    @ grootblousmile:
    I have just started down that route, joining my wife in her business. At least in your own business the cr@p that happens is something that you can sort out your way, and not worry about all the PPP’s that overbright actuaries and accountants have put in place.

  • 10

    8 @ Lion4ever:
    Hey, I have many FANS who bug me… hehehe

    I also have Clients, Telkom, MTN, Suppliers, tennants, workers, PC’s, debtors.. Engen…. vehicles… SARS… ect.

    Luckily no equity partners, they can go jump… it is MY businesses!

  • 11

    @ grootblousmile:
    Your business is machines, so they can’t talk back :-)
    But seriously as the owner, the buck stops with you.

  • 12

    11 @ Lion4ever:
    Maybe the buck stops with me, very briefly actually.. until the bucks keep flowing right into BonzaiGBS and the rest of the clan…. hehehe

  • 13

    I sense a changing wind sweeping through the corridors in Doornfontein.

    Initially the tickets to give away, and then the request by the Lions to help in the search for a new CEO.

    This would NEVER have happened in years gone by, when the GLRU / Lions were almost anti-media and to an extent unaproachable.

    Could it be that things are changing for ther better?

    Let’s sincerely hope so.

  • 14

    @ Scrumdown:
    I remember Manie pulled Lionsworld’s Walter’s accreditation, simply because some of the bloggers were unhappy with him. I did win some tickets off that site a few years ago.

  • 15

    @ grootblousmile:
    Probably first to Mrs GBS, then Bonsai GBS. We just need to get the bucks first before they start flowing, before it can stop with us.

  • 16

    15 @ Lion4ever:
    Mrs Handbriekie is quite a money mogul herself… so luckily the bucks don’t need to go there….

    …. but eishhhh, the kids…. the older they get, the more expensive they get!

  • 17

    It never ends. Just the other night my laaitie asked us to vacate the house for his birthday party. So that birthday cost us a night at a hotel, dinner out, and another dinner for his birthday. At least he will pay us backfor the goodies we bought for the party. You will see Mrs Handbriekie will always have a soft spot the kids, even when they are earning bucks etc.

  • 18

    17 @ Lion4ever:
    Handbriekie’s youngster (BonzaiHandbriekie – her one and only kid) is nearly 23, finished studying and working… but still in the house.
    BonzaiGBS, my hooligan, is just finished with school… and as we speak is on his way back by car from George, where he’d been since 12 days ago.

  • 19

    My laaitie is 25 still in the house but working. Also in computers, but more in warranties, but does do a lot of the technical stuff for his company. But unless youngsters earn a fortune, they cannot afford a place of their own, or if they get together with some friends and form a consortium to buy or rent. So us toppies have to be patient.

  • 20

    19 @ Lion4ever:
    Yip, patience is a virtue!

    Luckily our kids are relatively easy ones, and not rebellious at all, so we have a very good relationship with them.

    I’m in no hurry to get them out the house, in fact they provide the entertainment whilst I am left alone to watch my rugby in peace….. hehehehe

  • 21

    @ grootblousmile:
    My boy is also a good young man, head screwed on the right way, and is a real blessing to have around, just a pity I missed something and he supports the Sharks(thank goodness not WP/Stormers)

  • 22

    21 @ Lion4ever:
    I like the fact that he’s got an INDEPENDENT mindset, not to just blindly follow the Lions

  • 23

    And if your youngsters support anything else but the Bulls?

  • 24

    23 @ Lion4ever:
    Young BonzaiGBS supports the Bulls… through and through!

    BonzaiHandbriekie supports the side with the best-looking players… from time to time… not that she watches any rugby or knows anything about the game at all. Hell I even feel sorry for her boyfriend, Os, he does not get to watch ANY rugby, she wears the pants in that relationship.

    Handbriekie supports the Lions… I met her much too late to set a solid rugby foundation in her life… hahahaha


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