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This is where the debate starts to get interesting. So much conjecture around Burger, his role and where he should play. With Flo gone, is the fetching role going to be an area of contention?

Allister Coetzee doesn’t think so, but let the debate begin. From my point of view, I am pleased to see some youth mixed with experience, and whilst we may not have an out and out fetcher to start the matches, there will be on the bench. Lets see.


Donovan Armand



BIRTH DATE 23 September 1988– Age 23

DHL Stormers Vodacom Super Rugby – 2005

Loose Forward

New to the Stormers setup, Donovan Armand Played for UCT last year, usually at openside, but did have some time in the No. 5 jersey


Schalk (Schalla) Willem Petrus Burger Jnr

HEIGHT 193 cm


BIRTH DATE 13 April 1983 – Age 28

DHL Stormers Vodacom Super Rugby – 2004

Loose Forward

Coetzee has moved Schalla back to the openside this year, feeling to much emphasis is placed on the fetcher – time will tell.


Nizaam Carr

HEIGHT 184 cm


BIRTH DATE 4 April 1991 – Age 21

DHL Western Province – 2011

Loose Forward

One for the future, this former Bishops scholar made the SA Under-20 squad to Argentina having played for Western Province and South Africa at every level in his age group. A multi-skilled loose forward with a lot to prove, his first outing to Wellington in the Stormers colours didn’t disappoint.


Nick Fenton-Wells

HEIGHT 185 cm


BIRTH DATE 11 August 1986 – Age 25

DHL Stormers Vodacom Super Rugby – 2010

Loose Forward

Captain of the Ikeys squad last year, Felton-Wells has made the step up to the Stormers squad for 2012. A skilful loose forward, happy on either side of the scrum, He wants to specialise at openside. A bit of a late bloomer, he nevertheless had a good season with Western Province in 2011


Yassir (Yaya) Hartzenberg

HEIGHT 194 cm


BIRTH DATE 6 January 1989 – Age 23

DHL Western Province – 2010

Loose Forward

A product of the Western Province Youth League, Yaya moved on to play for Western Province in 2010 after playing for the Ikeys. A strong lad, He will be playing off the back of the scrum the weekend in the curtain raiser for the DHL WP Vodacom Cup Squad. A strong ball carrier, we’ll have to see what the season brings.


Reuben Benjamin Johannes

HEIGHT 183 cm


BIRTH DATE 5 October 1990 – Age 21

DHL Western Province – 2011

Loose Forward

Will be coming off the bench at this weekends match against the Lions, Johannes scooped the best forwards player for the u21 category at the WP awards last year, he is a fierce tackling loose forward with ball stealing capabilities of note. He is athletic, agile, strong and hard working.


Rohan Kitshoff

HEIGHT 182 cm


BIRTH DATE 13 September 1985 – Age 26

DHL Stormers Vodacom Super Rugby – 2011

Loose Forward

After a successful World Cup for Namibia, the pocket fetcher is back, this time in the Stormers colours. Having began his career, inconsistent form plus a plethora if loosies in 2006 saw Kitshof move to Griquas. He rerurned to Western Province and the Stormers in 2011


Siyamthanda (Siya) Kolisi

HEIGHT 186 cm


BIRTH DATE 16 June 1991 – Age 20

DHL Western Province – 2011

Loose Forward

Called in as cover for Vermeulan last year, by Allister Coetzee, after having played for the SA U20 side at the Junior World Championship. Siyamthanda is physically a big man, strong ball carrier, has a sound defence, he breaks the advantage line regularly and has awesome support play. He has been touted in some corners as the next Brussouw, and is a player of the future.


Ralph Nicholas (Nick) Koster

HEIGHT 193 cm


BIRTH DATE 22 February 1989 – Age 22

DHL Stormers Vodacom Super Rugby – 2010

Loose Forward

Once touted by Nick Mallet and Jake White to be the next big thing in South African Rugby, Koster still has a thing or two to prove. A brilliant season in 2008 Absa Currie Cup saw him get a Barbarians call up. Rassie Erasmus moved him to the wing in 2009, a move again backed by Mallet, but it is safe to say that he is back at No.8. Not as physical as Vermuelen, Koster nonetheless walked away with the award for best player at last years WP annual awards evening. Koster will start at 8 in Fridays game with Vermeulen still crock.


Daniel Johannes (Duane) Vermeulen

HEIGHT 193 cm


BIRTH DATE 3 July 1986 – Age 25

Vodacom FS Cheetahs Super Rugby – 2007

Stormers – 2009

Loose Forward

Duane began his career at Puma’s in 2004, before moving to the Cheetahs in 2007. After a 2 year stint there, he moved to the Western Cape in 2009 and immediately slotted into the Vodacom Stormers loose trio with Schalk Burger and Francois Louw. His physical play and barn-storming running style make him a formidable obstacle for any opponent. A serious knee injury ended his season last year, and whilst still not fit, Allister Coetzee is confident he will be back for the opening rounds of the Super 15 proper.

33 Responses to Stormers 2012 Super Rugby squad contenders (continued) – Loosies

  • 1

    Ag nou ja JFK julle het baie spelers , kom ons kyk wie maak dit op die “big Stage”
    Sien daar op N24 sport dat AC heel happy is en baie “bly” is hy kan al hierdie talent beskikbaar he.

  • 2

    1@ superBul:Yup, as per the previous thread, it is how they are going to be utilised/rested that will be the main concern

  • 3

    Plenty of talent there, the Stormers must have the most depth when it comes to loosies in the SA conference.

  • 4

    Look after i disapeared this morning i went to WORK, now let me just be myself and say what i really feel about all this TALENT.

    You young guys might make it but i feel a safe bet will be that less than 10% will be heard off again.


    HM did not buy you for the Bulls franchise

    These guys are lazy wanabees and they want to hop on the Rugby Gravy train. Lets see if more than 1 of them will make a great Springbok????

  • 5

    superBul wrote:

    lazy wanabees

    Easy job in rugby , so many others too blame. Who will work hard , who will be willing to ride a bicycle 60 miles for a practice???

  • 6

    4@ superBul:Okay, just so I understand you correctly, If HM doesn’t buy a player, then they will be useless – or at least a 90% chance of being useless? There’s no real argument to that statement really, but it does seem a slightly blinkered view that HM is the ONLY person that can spot talent

  • 7

    @ Just For Kicks:
    that is what we call in Afrikaans “n klip in die bos gooi” i got a reaction yes. No i really dont think that way. I have said things like that before, and yes i must have upset quite a few. The fact is read my post always with a bit of ” tongue in the cheeck” i hope my Afrikaans thinking can be understood. (that is why i really had time for Pdev, he was a great person who really needed to shut up, like me) Maybe thats why i am here i can voice my opinion and virtually no one can get to me.

  • 8

    @ Just For Kicks:
    If you were here a year back you might have seen a more aggressive guy who called himself the Saint, i miss him , he was also too straight forward to the liking off…. the…..

  • 9

    7@ superBul:Glad we cleared that up, because my next post was going to pertain to PdV and his talent spotting ability – or so he liked us to believe! On a serious note, as a person, I have a lot of time for Pdivvy, as a coach, I am not so sure, but as a clown, he really did make us the laughing stock in the circus, and that, in my book was unacceptable, because we lost our respect.

  • 10

    @ Just For Kicks:
    there i would really differ from you and especially GBS, Peter was not that bad, maybe not our dream coach but certainly better than many of his pro era predecessors. I will also do a article on him and show what he really meant for SA Rugby. We needed his style , and maybe this was exactly the right time for your so called “clown”.

    Many said he was gifted a WC winning team, but so many forget how we had a Jake White who was saved at the bell by Eddie. Jake was the luckiest coach ever, no AUS no NZ the road was open to WC glory.

    The games we lost in 2010 against Aus and NZ must be properly examined and you will find a hundred articles on all news sites who would support my view and YES PdeVs we were robbed in at least 2 games. We played a brilliant game to be pipped at the end by a referee mistake. It is a fact. If we won those 2 games the whole story would have been different. Go on Supersport and watch the match reports, i will do it in my tribute to PdeV, if i am not banned or removed here as author.

    I hate a lot of things Peter did but he is NOT the devil.

  • 11

    8 @ superBul:
    Saint was ‘n pyn in die gat wat nie gehoor gegee het aan die verskil tussen wat mens in ‘n Artikel kwytraak en waar mens die streep trek nie. Hy was gewaarsku. In comments kan mens jou sê, sê, binne perke natuurlik… in Artikels MOET mens versigtiger wees.

    Ek stel die standaarde hier, en omdat ek die standaarde MOET stel, moet ek hulle ook hoog genoeg hou. Dit is immers hoekom die webwerf gesien word as ‘n Vriendelike Samelewing en nie ‘n Spêrgebied soos by Voldy nie.

    I don’t mind people who are straight forward, I don’t mind banter… that’s what we do here…. but somewhere the line has to be drawn.

  • 12

    9@ superBul:No he’s not the devil, and I shall look forward to reading your tribute, if it means that you may get kicked off, it promises to be a riveting read!!! Just out of interest, I have never said White was a brilliant coach, or for that matter, better than Divvy.

  • 13

    10 @ superBul:
    Is it your motive tonight to be anti GBS and to critisize the way I’ve kept riff-raff off the blog here?

    By all means do a Snor revival concert if you have to and feel compelled to do so here on Rugby-Talk….

    Do not expect me to agree with you about him or his worth to SA Rugby or South Africa though, it ain’t going to happen!

  • 14

    12 @ Just For Kicks:
    Snor is certainly not the devil… or a mechanic either.

    But I expect more from the National Coach, I expect someone who is unusually wise, someone who is astute, someone who knows when to talk and when to shut the hell up. I expect the coach to be somewhat of a South African diplomat and a good ambassador of the country.

    Above all I expect the coach to be the boss and coach rugby well, not leave it up to senior players, to be a motivator and man-manager… and to see eye to eye with his support staff who take their direction from the coach.

    Was this the case with Snor… no! We all know about the spats between Snor and his Assistant coaches, we all know how the senior players ruled the roost, we all know that Snor could not keep his mouth shut when he was supposed to have it squarely shut.

    Will he go down in my book as a great Springbok coach… no he won’t, just like Harry Viljoen and Streauli never would…

    Was I ever a Jake White dissiple… no I was’nt… but I will forever be thankful for him getting William Webb Ellis in 2007, not much more.

  • 15

    grootblousmile wrote:

    Is it your motive tonight to be anti GBS


  • 16

    I think the Stormers Logo’s all over RT have sent GBS and superBul slightly crazy!! Hehheheh

  • 17

    16@ Blue Bird:I am just trying to show them the true path to rugbyness!

  • 18

    16 @ Blue Bird:
    Don’t worry, I’ll bury that logo with some news from all over… and add some Bulls spice to the mix too!


  • 19

    @ Blue Bird:
    No my dear, i am alright, never liked to blame one person when it is a collective thing.Peter had no chance after OH said what he said.
    How is your training going.
    When is it Argus time?

  • 20

    14@ grootblousmile:Very eloquently put, I have no beef against either Divvy or White as people, that is not for me to decide. My previous post about Divvy is my view, White, for me was wise, very wise. For all everyone says about White, it was he that had the foresight to bring on Steady Eddie. His team went on to beat the teams that beat Aus and NZ, he ultimately won the greatest rugby “challenge”. How he acted over the last few years is not how someone who achieved what he has, should have done. Both have their faults, unfortunately divvy put his foot in his mouth whilst he was coach, and got ridiculed, White put his foot in his mouth after he was coach, everyone just laughed him off, but he got way with it, because he wasn’t in the limelight, and thus wouldn’t make headline news. Also therefore a clown in my book, but a clever clown, and as you say, a clown who won the William Web Ellis.

  • 21

    @ grootblousmile:
    Have you got yourself some new wheels yet?
    Imagine a blue Toyota Hilux with bull bars and horns on the bonnet, oh of course the flag holder for high days and holidays!
    Of course a ‘Setslaps’ holder next to the handbrake for long journeys…!!

  • 22

    @ superBul:
    Hiya, did you have a great birthday?
    My training is on schedule, clocking up a good few miles, I am desperate not to get any of the colds and flu that is everywhere in chilly Britain.
    The Argus is on March 11th!

  • 23

    21 @ Blue Bird:
    Went and had a look at a very nice BMW 320i Motorsport today (the one with the Sportspack) – 6-speed gearbox & 17″ wheels with the run-flat tyres and the works, stock standard as they came out the factory of course…

    I’m a bit fussy though, so I’m taking my time about it.

    Oh, did I forget to mention it is also blue….

  • 24

    22@ Blue Bird:I hope you’re going to pay us a visit whilst you’re down here

  • 25

    @ Just For Kicks:
    may i ask you , how long have you been active in rugby blogging?
    Have you been blogging on Keo in the days when GBS, Pietman, K9 and a lot of others were?
    Well if so can i remind you, the pressure was put on Jake to change and get help by far more people.

    But Maybe i must drop my whole story because my favorite coch HM will go through all this in time.

    When Peter wanted to get rid og GG and DM there was no one in SA with enough guts to help the National cause, we have been through that too.

  • 26

    @ Just For Kicks:
    If I am passing the Elgin Valleys Highland Road Estate I will be sure to look and ask “Is Just For Kicks in today”
    Would I get a chance to test your wine too?? :-)

  • 27

    I better get to doing some Bulls squad contenders Articles… the Stormers Logo is still TOO prominent on the Home page… hehehe

  • 28

    @ grootblousmile:
    To be honest I have no idea what you are talking about!!
    I have completley lost interest in cars now….Mind you a 6 speed gear box would be fun….!!

    BMW’s are rather overated actually, get an Audi!!

  • 29

    25@ superBul:You’re very bitter about it, I have been blogging only on here since the last World Cup, I have been reading Keo’s bitter and twisted sight for a lot longer. I am the first to admit that I know very little about rugby and not as knowledgable as you are – I have said as much on this site. I have no gripe with anyone, and good on GBS, Pietman, or K9 if it was them who put the idea of help into Whites head. Maybe they should apply to SARU for jobs themselves. The long and short of it is that White won. Not the bloggers, White. He picked the correct support staff, he put the correct team on the field, he played the game and won. Simple as that.

  • 30

    26@ Blue Bird:We aren’t a test site, but it would be an honour if you would come and taste some wine, perhaps partake in a glass or to, and join us for some lunch

  • 31

    Just For Kicks wrote:

    You’re very bitter about it,

    i might sound bitter but i am not

  • 32

    31@ superBul:Good, life’s too short!

  • 33

    @ Just For Kicks:
    You are very kind to offer, I will contact you on here if I get a chance to take you up.

    As for the Keo days, they could be really the most amazing fun you could have on a computer, there are some wonderful folks out there, however as superBul says there are also some frankly odd sorts out there too and they could really ruin a good thread.


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