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As we reach the magical, mystical and unfathomable date of January 27th for the announcement of our new Springbok coach, and as the excitement builds, the media hacks go into overdrive. This comes second only to the general election results in terms of hype. Who’s in, who’s out, the circus continues, SARU aren’t helping, but here’s the latest.

According to the Rapport today, Rassie Erasmus, Jaques Nienaber and Paul Treu are to form part of the Bok coaching staff – Erasmus taking up the newly created role of technical advisor.

Weren’t we just told that he was off seeking fresher pastures in Europe? Perhaps hooking up with Nick Mallet in an English role? Not any more, it seems. With him will be coming his favourite sidekick Nienaber, who will leave  the Stormers shortly – no real shock there, and Paul Treu who, it is rumoured will be leaving the coaching post with the Sevens to take up a full time role with the Boks.

This will leave just the coaching job left, and it seems that both De Villiers and Alastair Coetzee have completely fallen off the bus, and the two front runners are now just Gert Smal and Heyneke Meyer, with the Rapport again putting Meyer ahead in the race at the moment. The new coach will be given a two year contract, not the four year contract given to the last few coaches. At least this means the “judge me on the next world cup’ garbage can’t be thrown at us!

Rassie, however, feels that you need to be about 50 to be able to do the Bok job and handle the politics, and that he is too young.

So, take it all how you see it, as long as we have journo’s scraping for stories, insiders leaking secret documents and the men from SARU dropping hints here,there and everywhere, we will have this round-a-bout.

31 Responses to Smoke and Mirrors – Why is Rassie really overseas?

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    Rassie now denying any advances by SARU. We don’t need another sports channel, but another comedy channel could well be filled up with all this rubbish.

  • 2

    The thick plotenns.

  • 3

    Just a comment to let you know that I’m fine.

    Was involved in a massive car accident yesterday with my BMW.

    It was raining heavily, I was doing about 140 km/h I would think, hit a massive pool of stationary water in the road (a bloody dam).

    Car violently went one way, I corrected to the other, it overcorrected and I corrected again, the car went into a big spin and hit a very big tree, right on the driver’s door where I was sitting.

    Car is a total write-off!

    I was hit on the head, could not remember what day, year, month it was or where I had been.

    Only remember, pulling my left leg out, with my floppy still on and when I tried to pull my right leg out, the floppy shoe stayed behind. I lent forward and freed the right floppy and put it back on.

    Must have climbed out the passenger side.

    Apparently a tow truck vulture came past and stopped and I was apparently outside the car looking at things and gathering things…. when I decided to lie down.

    Next thing I remember is the folks in the ambulance attending to me. Apparently I gave them a hard time and did not want them to use my cellphone to phone my family..

    Remember thinking, I must be having one hell of a dream…. but as I was inspecting the things in the ambulance realised this was too real to be a dream. My floppies were still on my feet, both of them. I moved my feet and legs and they felt OK, moved my arms.. also OK, twisted my body and moved my head up and down in the neck brace they had put on… everything felt OK.

    I asked them if I could sit up, they told me to lie down and keep still and put a drip on, also pricked my finger to test sugar levels… seemed OK.

    When I passed out, they phoned my family and wife from my cell and took me to the best Trauma Hospital in the whole area… wife arriving there before the ambulance.

    The staff of ER24 were fabulous, the staff at Glynnwood Hospital also marvelous.

    I was on some form of drip, was sent for a brain scan…. received stitches on my head and right elbow…. suffered a few bumps and bruises, but was quickly discharged.

    The old GBS machine is running fine today, a bit stiff and sore… but OK!

    Makes one think about what is REALLY important in life… Handbriekie, BonzaiGBS & BonzaiHandbriekie…

    Resting a bit today.

  • 4

    Hectic day. Glad to hear you are ok. Cars can be replaced, lives not! Drive a Hilux! It will improve your chances of survival… probably cos it battles to stay at 140 ha ha.

  • 5

    Anybody watching rugby now?

  • 6

    Glad to hear you are ok, GBS.
    Looks like we have to just wait and see what happens in the SARU circus.

  • 7

    140km/hnd its raining heavily???

    Congratshat you didn’t become another statistic.t

  • 8

    7 @ Pam Anderson:
    I was driving too slow…. had I done the speed I usually do I would have been over and through the pool… hahaha

    PS! These freegin Towing Vultures are a bunch of knuts… my bill at the moment is:

    R 3 350.00 (towing 10 kilometres)
    R 1 250.00 Admin Fee
    R 1 350.00 Security fee – What the fffffffffffff is that?
    R 325.00 Storage fee for 1 day
    R 6 175.00
    Plus VAT

    R 7 039.50

    Daylight Robbery….

  • 9

    @ grootblousmile:

    BMW’s are crap in the snow too!!

  • 10

    9 @ Blue Bird:
    What snow… we don’t have snow in my neck of the woods!

    Sob, sob… I miss my Beemer!

  • 11

    10@ grootblousmile:I have a old 1980 nissan 1400 bakkie, can’t get over 60 km/h, very economic. Loads of space to pick up trees from the nursery, and won’t be out of place in the ‘Panne’. You’re welcome to borrow it if you like

  • 12

    @ grootblousmile:

    Ahh, there, there….

    Get an Audi!

    Glad you are ok though, sounds horrid.

  • 13

    @ grootblousmile:Oh yes, the drivers side window doesn’t close, which means you won’t go anywhere when it’s raining. Now that can’t be a bad thing!

  • 14

    @ Just For Kicks:
    Have you met GBS yet?

    I think the bakkie is a great idea, he likes to practice ‘Low Flying’ his description of his driving style…..something slow is the way to go!

    Otherwise you and superBul may be running RT full time!! lol

  • 15

    14@ Blue Bird:no, not in person, thats not to say I’ve never seen him, every now and then I see a blur going past me on the highway – you never know!

  • 16

    In my life, a car has 2 modes, and 2 only… dead still or full taps…

    I’m always late for appointments… I need something which goes like the wind… you know… a beemer or a Mazaratti or a Ferrari or a helicopter….

  • 17

    15 @ Just For Kicks:
    I drive 6 inches off the tarmac… the pool was 15 inches deep…. hehehe

  • 18

    16@ grootblousmile:…and beating the sh1t out of a tree hasn’t changed that?

  • 19

    18 @ Just For Kicks:
    I decided that I have to go above tree-top level from now on…..

  • 20

    @ grootblousmile:I somehow feel it’s better to be late for a few meetings, than early for your grave – life’s too short

  • 21

    @ Just For Kicks: Wise words, but it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks!

  • 22

    20 @ Just For Kicks:
    Yeah… I suppose.

    … but I battle to drive slow, really I do.

  • 23

    21 @ Blue Bird:
    Maybe I should rather wrap all the trees in very thick spungy material….

  • 24

    21@ Blue Bird:With a bit of luck, he’ll think of those close to him in future – call me the dog whisperer!
    22@ grootblousmile:The faster you go, the more you miss

  • 25

    24 @ Just For Kicks:
    …. yeah, but the more places I get to….

  • 26

    @ grootblousmile:
    Or perhaps all cars should be enveloped in a huge spongey foam exterior…..

    My neighbour would be mortified tho…. Top Gear Sponge Bobs!!

  • 27

    26@ Blue Bird:What do you mean, he’d make the perfect spongebob, there’s an uncanny similarity!

  • 28

    27 @ Just For Kicks:
    I’ve always wondered who Spongebob was… maybe I should Google Spongebob.

    Surely we did’nt have Spongebob here in SA.

  • 29

    28@ grootblousmile:You’re an inbetweener, your kids are too old, and you obviously don’t have grandchildren yet. Yup, it is here in SA, my kids used to watch it when they were younger

  • 30

    29 @ Just For Kicks:
    May I please not have grandchildren for a while yet… please!

  • 31

    @ grootblousmile: must have been an old model without ESP. If you had ESP wouldn’t have been much of a problem.

    Also, is it true that in Brakpan you don’t get a girlfriend, you get a turn?


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