The big man Os du Randt answers questions on how to combat the Welsh scrum; when and why to get which shoulder; why unity as well as technique is critical; and what he thinks of criticism of his own scrumming.

Q: Last weekend the Boks scrum was magnificent against the Irish scrum, but how will the Bok scrum do against a Welsh team that nearly destroyed the Aussies scrum on Saturday.

A: Scrums are really difficult to predict. We have identified the mistakes Australia made against Wales. The front rows know what to expect and what they need to do on Saturday.

Q: Having Os du Randt there makes a big difference but will the Boks look to do something extra when it comes down to scrumming time against the Welsh and will we see anything different from last Saturdays game against the Irish?

A: The scrum is just a small piece in the whole game, so yes, we will try the same or extra and secondly scrums must be judged on the day because anything can happen. Scrums are the only place where you can’t run or hide away from direct physical contact- can’t step or get away from your opponent, you have to face him. It also depends on the front rower who wants it the most.

Q: After watching the Welsh scrum destroy the Australian scrum, there has been a lot of analysis on their (Wales) technique. A youtube video gives a great breakdown on what the strengths of the Welsh pack were and weaknesses of the Aussie pack.

A: Scrums are really difficult to predict. We have identified the mistakes Australia made against Wales. The front row knows what to expect and what they need to do on Saturday. We played against them earlier in the year and our scrum went well.

Q: It seems as though they intentionally pack to immediately put on the wheel leading with the loosehead in an effort to disrupt the opposition scrum. Once the wheel has been implemented, they splinter the opposition through brute force from the tighthead shove. I know that trying to move the Springbok front row is a great task in itself, but how do you counter a scrum that wants to set a wheel before the ball is in? Is it brute strength or more technique?

A: That is basically the objective on the opponent’s ball: prevent them from getting good steady ball at the back of scrum and also prevent them from getting a right shoulder. One of the fundamental things about scrums is that you have to be tight and don’t allow the opponents to split in you in half or splinter your front row. Technique is definitely key to preventing it happening, but also to work as a unit – eight guys are stronger than five guys.

Q: Beste Os,hierdie artikel van Stephen Jones verwys. Die afbreek van die Springbok stutte deur Stephen Jones van die London Sunday Times kom weer na vore op die vooraand van hul grootste toets vanjaar synde die Walliese skrum en die Engelse skrum.

A: Almal het ‘n opinie!!!!!!!

Q: Ons weet almal by nou dat die Springbokke se 3 Nasies geploeter en skrum probleme eerder te doene gehad het met motiverings gebrek na ‘n kroonspannende twee jaar periode as tegniese probleme en daarom is hierdie toer ‘n meer objektiewe beskouiing van die Springbokskrum.

A: Ek stem nie saam dat daar hoegenaamd enige problem in die skrums gedurende die Drienasies was nie. Se dit nie omdat dit my afdeling is nie, ons as afrigting span probeer so ver as moontlik objektief na aale vassette van ons spel kyk gedurende die Drienasies. Almal wil nie glo dat jy as speler sielkundig moeg raak om 11 maaande aan een rugby op die hoogste sport te beoefen nie. Almal verwag wenne en ja die speler ook. Die probleem is aan die einde van die jaar is jou 110% 2 meter hoog, maar na 10 maande is jou 110% 1.5 meter hoog. Jy sit dieselfde effort in, dink maar aan salariestrekker, na jou verlof is jou effort ook 2 meter hoog maar na klompie maande bigin jou werk se effort ook afkom na laer.

Courtesy of SA Rugby

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    Sorry, who is answering these questions?

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    There are 3 things wrong with the Aussie scrum.
    Firstly Faainga cannot scrum and therefore cannot play at international level.
    Secondly the loose fowards may as well go and stand in the backline at scrum time, because they offer no shoulder to the scrum , meaning that the tight forwards are playing 5 against 8 and cannot win.
    Thirdly the locks are too high and need to get their feet back and arses lower and binding super tight to LOCK the scrum.
    That is why they are called LOCKS!!
    These last 2 points are easily fixed, but you have to recognize the problem before you can fix it!!

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    @ superBul:
    He He He !!!

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    tighthead @ 4
    phew, i nearly thought you were laughing,
    but then
    i realised you said HE HE HE and not hehehe!!
    bloody hell broetsie
    you should be more careful!!
    :shock: you almost turned my world upside down!! :shock:
    (phew!!) :grin:

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    i mean bru
    first you started cracking jokes
    then you compliment people
    and now you nearly laughed??? :shock:
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    @ Ashley:
    Ash we don’t do hanging by knaters.
    And remember, I’m watching you!!

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    “….dink maar aan salariestrekker …”
    :shock: WIE’S JOU SALARISTREKKER???!!!”
    o, skuus
    hy praat seker van gbs!!! :grin:

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    tighthead @ 8

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    @ Ashley:

    Hello Ash :-D The simplest way to describe your chances involve a snow ball & hell …

    I spent Wednesday afternoon in a Construction meeting … held in Chinese … we discussed electrical & data wiring (yes, gripping stuff I know). I am frightened by how much I understood – although not as frightened as the Contractors I am pleased to say :lol:

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    The Big man is answering the question just like the title suggests. Hehe sorry Tight head, I forgot to put that part in, but if you read the article you would have seen that one of the questions were addressed to Os.
    tight head wrote:

    Sorry, who is answering these questions?

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    princess @ 11
    lmao :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Joke of the year:

    Two women were sitting quietly together not saying anything about anybody.


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