South Africa: 317/5 (50.0 ov) Pakistan: 260 all out

SA wins by 57 runs and wins the series! 3/2

Man of the match Jacque Kallis

Man of the series Hassim Amla

Match Particulars:

Pakistan v South Africa ODI Series – 5th ODI
ODI no. 3069 | 2010/11 season
Played at Dubai International Cricket Stadium (neutral venue)
8 November 2010 – day/night (50-over match)

114 Responses to Cricket: Pakistan vs South Africa – 5th ODI

  • 101

    @ superBul:100 – Look careful now Super, he made a good pass to Zane that passed to Aplon. :wink:

  • 102

    Okay I am out of here now.

    Cheers gbs and Super.

    Once again well done to our Proteas. Now for the tests.

  • 103

    @ grootblousmile:99 – Never do twitter so have no idea. Just that nic name came up here with a few of us Sharks that live next door to me.

    Okay now out of here gbs. Catch up tomorrow.

  • 104

    @ Puma:
    The pass did not make that try, you can have a look at that link a thousand times , 2 decisive things made that try. 1 the decoy run by Matfield, and the fact that all 3 defenders went for Zane he drew them all, and then the good communication and back pass.

  • 105

    104@ superBul:
    Jy mors jou tyd, vrind… mens kan niks sê van die “nuwe goue seuntjie” nie… hy is vir baie “The flavour of the month”. Vir my is hy goed, maar sy skopwerk pale toe suig… ek sê dit al geruime tyd.

    Wat ek sê is eenvoudig…. ons het Morné se dodelike skopvoet nodig vir punte, nie net nou in die Noordelike Halfrond nie, maar nog meer so in die RWC waar punte skaars bekombaar is.

    Wat vir my goed was van die Toets is die absolute balans in die voorspelers… merkwaardige voorry, merkwaardige slotte, balans in die loosies… en almal wat onder ‘n kombers gespeel het…

  • 106

    @ grootblousmile:
    Dont assume silence is agreement.
    lambie has got plenty to learn as he doesnt fit the Bok gameplan, if it changes then different story…he should be getting gametime which is good….but the justy is out….must say it looks positive though, he cocked up his first kick, then he settled.

    Morne is a bit out of sorts, but his general flyhalf play is not bad and he is more used to Hoagie and Fourie than Ruan…so lets see next test…the backline simply has to improve using the same or similar guys as Ireland was their first outing together…lets wait and see.

  • 107

    106@ 4man:
    What worries me is the Welsch forwards… I am still stunned that Ireland’s forwards were so diabolically shit.

    I hope the forwards stay the same and get a bit more than parity against Wales.

    For this coming Saturday I would like to see Jean at 12, Fransie Steyn at 13, Gio at 14, Bjorn Basson at 11 and Zane at 15…. and ideally I’d like to see Hougie next to Morné Steyn as the halfback pairing… won’t happen though.

    Just wish Hougie could get a decent run with his nippy grunt…

    I’d also like to see Mvovo on the bench in place of Adi Jacobs.

  • 108

    @ grootblousmile:
    het jy opgemerk die samestelling van die 8 , maak sin ne. 4/3/1, nie te veel verskillende provinsies nie. dink as gurthro weer reg is

  • 109

    Met Hougaart se “proven reliability” was ek verwonderd toe PdeV hom nie so 15 minute gegee het nie.

  • 110

    Die grootste bol str@nt word nou op Superrugby gepraat deur daai WP mannetjie Breyten. Hy reken nou dat met ons verskeidenheid losskakels kan Peter horses for courses speel, dan die no 10 dan daai. Ek hoef nie eens te verduidelik nie , hy is flippen n sot.

  • 111

    @ superBul:
    Nou nog sy liriese aanprysing van Geo, hel jy mag niks fout vind met sy WP mannetjies nie. Volgens hom was Gio briljant en ook sy sekere keuse as no 15.

  • 112

    Provincialism is nothing new in our rugby Super..

  • 113

    @ Winston:
    Winston there is also no doubt that to be a good team one must play together, so the way Peter picked the pack must be remembered. 3 props who played together a lot, i wont even mind if he keeps this guys together and put Steenkamp in the bench.

    But then again if Schalk was there he would have presented the 4th province in that pack.

    This is nothing new from me partnership counts a lot for me.

  • 114

    Right thats me out for now, chat later.


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