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Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile is “furious” about the comment by Springbok coach Peter de Villiers that the Springboks support Blue Bulls prop and murder suspect Bees Roux.

“Goodness man! Get yourself a spokesperson!” was the advice offered by Stofile to the Bok coach.

Anesca Smith

Stofile was approached by Die Burger for comment on the statement made by the coach.

“Even I don’t always understand what he says,” he added.

Stofile also believes it will be better for De Villiers to speak in his mother tongue, Afrikaans, if he does not feel comfortable in English.

According to Stofile, who attended a meeting of the parliamentary portfolio committee on sport on Tuesday, he was in China when De Villiers made the comment.

“It’s disgraceful to say that you support someone 100% when he possibly took another person’s life in such a brutal manner. If this was the old South Africa, he would have been charged as an accomplice for that kind of statement.”

Stofile now wants an explanation from SARU over whether they support the statement by De Villiers.

If not, he wants to know how they will act against the coach.

“The entire organisation’s name is being dragged through the mud. It’s unacceptable.”

Stofile said that he had advised De Villiers at the time of his appointment to get a spokesperson.

“I repeat that request today. With the kind of questions the media asks, I said that he would be sorry about something he said one day. You need special skills when talking to the media. And Peter is a man who loves to talk.

“Today we are embarrassed and angry about what he said. You can’t be delighted when someone is killed. Peter, please don’t expose yourself to the media like that.

“I agree totally that he should speak Afrikaans if he’s not comfortable in English. English is also not my first language and I also struggle with it at times. We think in our mother tongue and then have to verbalise the thought in English. And Peter talks very quickly.”

As for the public reaction to the Springboks’ losses, Stofile said that rugby is the sport that “stirs emotion” more than any other in South Africa.

“We don’t like losing and are hard and unforgiving when it comes to rugby.”

He believes one of the reasons for the team’s poor performances is that they play “too much rugby”.

“It’s not good for the body. We should not be tempted by money to the point that we are not prepared to rest our bodies.

“But every dark cloud has a silver lining. My advice to the coach is to give the youngsters a chance now before next year’s World Cup in New Zealand. We have nothing to lose. The older men won’t be getting any younger or stronger.”

I feel this is a positive reaction by the Minister. I hope he can force Peter to accept the need for a spokesperson.And yes we said it also , talk Afrikaans Peter.

89 Responses to Stofile: Get Div a spokesperson

  • 51

    Okay just when I am able to blog everyone is off to lunch or somewhere. Been a hectic week for me so far.

    Like Ash, busy, busy as a bee.

    Catch up later.

  • 52

    Veels geluk gbs.


  • 53

    52@ Blouste:
    Thanks… gee jy om as ek dit effe wysig na “Speenwense”?


  • 54

    GBS, heppie bifday bruvva!!!!
    Nog baie meer, en mag jy ou GBSMaximus se boots bly volstaan, welgedaan met RT ook ou maat!

  • 55

    Bugger old Stofpiele, he only awakes when PdeV supports some white player, not that I condone his support for Bees Roux, I also think PdeV was way out of line in this case.

  • 56

    I never thought that I would ever agree with Stofile but he’s right.

  • 57

    @ Pietman: Pietman, can you e-mail me your specific address, I want to try and meet up.

  • 58

    54@ Pietman:
    Dankie ou Oorlogskammeraad… my maat van yster en plaat!

    Het jy die Griekwas Artikel gesien… en jou mail wat ek gestuur het gelees?

  • 59

    @ Pokkel:
    Of course he is right, my only question is why did he only come to the table now, now that Bees Rous has been mentioned?
    But anyway…
    @ 4man:
    Jisja, sammajoor, still the same addie at wpstormer.
    And I do get your mails still, just this ineternet connection in my village is so piss-poor I don’t always reply.
    Hope you are keeping the trenches over there old comrade, keep well.

  • 60

    @ grootblousmile:

    Gaan nou lees, sukkel met hotmail hier, besig met skype na Istanbul, praat netnou verder.

  • 61

    @ grootblousmile:
    I detect a celebration in the air….Happy birthday Cappie and many more hey.

  • 62

    @ Pietman:
    OK I’ll send detail but I thought you were in SA (am I right) I am going to be in the Karoo and shoot a few bokkies and thought it was an opportunity for us to get together for that long overdue kuier. Ek het n sak sout saam!!!

  • 63

    61@ 4man:
    Fanks…. farkit, I thought I was a year older than I actually am… took my Kruppelbroer’s phone call this morning to correct me… and suddenly I was a year younger!

  • 64

    @ 4man:
    Sammajoor, ek IS in SA!
    Laat weet net wanneer en ek kry jou op Graaff-Reinet, enige tyd.
    Gaan net die 19de vir n paar dae oorsee, maar ek is weer die volgende naweek terug.
    Laat weet net waar, en ek rapporteer daar, innie Karoo.

  • 65

    @ grootblousmile:
    Ha ha….I know how you feel, I tend to try and overlook the birthdays now, as they are coming fast and thick. Anyway you have a singular distinction for what its worth, the same birthday as Ben Tarr the current RSM of the Natal Carbineers.
    Well done for your team on Saturday by the way, I wasnt well at all and watched about the first 15 minutes and then went and lay down…it was all over by the time I got back, but it appears I missed a good game? Pity you didnt go with your heart on Superbru though.

  • 66

    63: toe maar, gebeur met die beste van die bulle, kannie meer by hou hoeveel trofees daar in die kas by Loftus is nie. 😉

  • 67

    @ Pietman:
    Saak is reg…..ek sal jou al die detail stuur.

  • 68

    65@ 4man:
    Jeez, I thought the Tjarkies would bury the Blue Bulls…

    I was pleasantly surprised!

    It was a good game, a very good one… Sharks forwards started bloody well with Alberts and Keegan Daniel playing well… then Daniel got injured and the Bulls got progressively stronger….

  • 69

    @ grootblousmile:
    Ja ek het nou gesien op die blog dat Daniel beseer is, en Kanko is reguit in. Ek sien ook drie Bulle is terug, so ek het vandag my besluit gemaak en my voorstellings gedoen vir die Bulle, al die ander was al klaar.
    Geniet die “party” vanaand.

  • 70

    Come hell or high water, it appears the Lions will be in the top 4 after this weekend.

  • 71

    70@ 4man:
    The Lions deserve a bit of sunshine with the improvement under Mitchell.

  • 72

    Spanne is nou so naby mekaar, as jy gly is jy in die moeilikheid, val sommer na 6de plek.

    Span wat saterdag verloor tussen Bulle en Ctahs gaan moeilik ‘n tuissemi kry. Sal dan moet veg vir 3de of 4de plek.

  • 73

    72@ bdb:
    Hierdie naweek se wedstryd tussen die Staat en die Bulle is ‘n riller… en moer belangrik.

  • 74

    Bulls by 5…anyway, thats my decision…its going to be tough, but with the Boks back I think they slightly edge it.

  • 75

    Die Sharks sal maar seker aangan om bo te bly, en lyk my meskien is hulle timing reg vir die jaar. Dumond speel ook beter, ek het het hom glad nie gelaaik voor die laaste paar weke, maar hy is definitief n beter speler die jaar. Ek wonder of hulle van Stefan dink vir No 15 vir die Bokke nou?

  • 76

    WP WILL do it against the Leopards
    Sharks SHOULD do it against the Pumas
    Lions COULD do it against the Kwas
    Bulle vs Staat, there’s the tricky one!

  • 77

    @ Pietman:

    Dan is jy in my vrou se wereld.

    Haar familie boer net buite Carnarvon en sy het nog familie op Pearston.

    Ond kuier gereeld in die area.

    Hey GBS, nie so sleg in die boere taal vir ‘n rooinek soutie eh?

  • 78

    75@ 4man:
    Nah, old Stefan won’t see a Bokke jersey again.

  • 79

    77@ Scrumdown:
    Flok, van nou af is jy SkrumAF… en ek praat net Afrikaans met jou!

  • 80

    Ons het nie ‘n heelagter wat heeltemal oortuig op hierdie stadium nie. Zane is redelik steady, ons soek iemand wat meer kan bied agter, en FS, wel, hy bied weer TE veel: sy kop kan hom enige tyd verlaat, en net so goed as wat hy is, net so sleg kan hy ook wees.

    Ons soek ‘n Jouba of Percy, maar hulle is nie volop deesdae nie.

  • 81

    Sorry I had to go downstairs and eat something…my bloodsugar was dropping, I wanted to moer the dog and kick the cat and it felt like my head was spinning off…I sometimes forget to eat something in the morning….I’m not diabetic.

    Ja, if Frans is going back to Racing now then we shouldnt consider him for the world cup, clearly they arent playing at the same intensity levels over there.

  • 82

    Positions still unclear in the Bokke setup, in my opinion, is:

    The back 3 – all 3 of them… Habana grossly off form, One of 3 possible fullbacks in Fransie or Zane or Gio Aplon, and JP Pietersen has’nt played the world on fire either.

    Inside centre – Jean de Villiers has the inside line here, but I would go for Juan de Jongh.

    No 8 – Spies is not shaping… we should have known by now whether Duane Vermeulen or Willem Alberts can make the step up.

    No 6 – Should Schalk Burger remain or eventually make way for Heinrich Brussow

    No 4 – Is it Bakkies or Danie Pakslae or Flip…. it has become as clear as mud.

    Tight head prop – Jannie du Plessis now has the inside track but can we now forget about BJ Botha and write him off?

    Hooker – Does one play John Smit or Bismarck du Plessis?

    People, this is more than half the side we’re unsure of, we have many more questions now than we had 3 months ago.

  • 83

    Must say i think this calling for Heyneke Meyer for coach is a bit confuseing, considering the talk about the Bulls and Stormers wanting to playing 2 different types of rugby.

    Surely putting in a Bulls coach would just cause more kuk, Maybe snorrie should just get Jake and Eddie in as his assistant coaches as they have been through this whole rigmarole before.

    Never really understood why everyone turned against Jake, but because it was done to him doesnt mean it should be done to Snorrie, think the poor guy is under so much pressure now he doesnt know whether he is Arther or Marther.

  • 84

    83@ Treehugger:
    There is not a single hope in hell that Snorrie as Head Coach and Jake as an Assistent, in the same coaching setup can work or that they tollerate it or even consent to it…… NONE!

  • 85

    @ Treehugger:
    Its not a matter of turning on someone its about being patriotic and questioning performance. I wouldnt say everyone has turned against Jake, in fact I think a minority have turned against him. Saffa rugby fans are guilty of one thing and that is complaining for the sake of complaining and being indifferent. Most of the guys and girls on this blog are very objective in putting their views forward and its refreshing. It did get a bit emotional yesterday, but on this blog ego’s tend to get shoved out the way and dont play a role really. Most of our positions are clear.
    It is only because he doesnt know whether he is Arthur or Martha that PDV should not have the job….he is definitely not being objective….in fact he appears not to have a plan. your coach has to be strong to make up for the shoddy rugby board we have. I dont think our problems are that hard to fix and if the players know who is there or not for the world cup then we have a good chance, but not knowing is very debilitating. Jake openly said he is sticking with his squad and he delivered. De Villiers has said nothing that isnt confusing and has yet to deliver. NZ profess they are the greatest rugby nation….but in 23 years they havent won a world cup. The Aussies are the ones to watch for this cup…they have got their timing spot on again.

  • 86

    GBS and 4man

    Ok, but say its true the coach doesnt have to be the real brains but needs to hire coaching staff that know what they are doing, surely it would be a credit to him.

    Jake must know they will never let him be the coach again, so in my mind his and Eddies experience would be invaluable.

    They can be the nasties that rigidly control and train the boks with Snorries approval, because he is obviously to nice a guy and Jake and Eddie dont mind be real shits to get the job done, i think they could make a very good team if all egos are put aside and they focus on fixing the boks.

  • 87

    @ Treehugger:
    The ego’s unfortunately will come from the incumbent probably and certainly SARU, but your suggestion is a good one the only problem is common sense doesnt have a place in todays world. Also there needs to be consensus…Dictators went out with Danie Craven.

  • 88

    I see Clive Rice reckons, Hansie and Woolmer were killed by the Pakistani Mafia, Woolmers death after Pakistan being beaten by Ireland or Scotland was very dodgy and apparently he was furious after.

  • 89

    grootblousmile wrote:

    39@ Durban Bulle:
    Thanks man…. wil nog so effe meer as dubbeld die jare reeds verby aanlas, as alles goed gaan….

    Klink meer vir my soos n dubbel brannas en coke…:-)


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